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RemixandRevive - asbj0813 - reindeer51 - Domenicus7 - grroott2 - Derwan

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Completely overhauls Markarth by combining 4 different overhauls into one enormous city.

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This mod, in essence, combines 4 mods into one - Sky City, Greater Markarth Expansion, City of Blood and Silver, and Groot's Markarth Expansion. The resulting city contains many more amenities, locations, nooks and crannies. It's not on the scale of something like Enhanced Solitude, however.

New Stuff:
- Silver Grocery and Markarth Bakery
- The Bank
- A silver refinery based in Nchuand-Zel's ancient ruins
- A new watchtower high in the mountains
- A warehouse attached to the worker's area
- Silver-Blood Mercenary HQ
- The Clumsy Dwarf, a small inn frequented by the lower classes
- The Silver-Blood Mansion
- A long-forgotten tower overlooking the city
- Several lifts, restored or otherwise, providing access to higher parts of the city
- An expanded system of ruins above Cidhna Mine

Changes from the constituent mods:
- Sky City had few changes. Most of it wasn't changed, except for some moving of doors and such.
- Greater Markarth Expansion is designed to run alongside most normal markarth interior mods, so it too had few changes.
- Groot's Expansion was cleaned, removing the deleted references and fixing its navmeshes. I also removed some wild edits and fixed the localisation issues, and locked the unused doors it adds.
- And finally, City of Blood and Silver was the update to an LE mod done by RemixandRevive, who tied the navmeshes together, fixed a wide variety of conflicts and without whom this mod wouldn't exist.

Recommended Mods:
Dwemer Pipework Reworked, which adds glowy bits to a wide variety of dwemer pipe meshes.
Improved Dwemer Glass, which makes the crystal bits of dwemer technology smoother.
ENB Particle Lights - Dwemer Lanterns, which makes dwemer lights use the ENB light system (requires ENB binaries installed)
Comfy Dwemer Beds, which makes the bed not be made of stone.
Ancient Dwemer Metal and its Patches, which darkens and slightly tarnishes dwemer metals.
Dwemer Tech Glowmapped, which makes a few parts of dwemer technology glow

Any mod that overhauls Markarth's interior is INCOMPATIBLE. JK's Skyrim, Dawn of Skyrim, etc. These just will not work.
Any mod that adds things to Markarth's interior is PARTIALLY INCOMPATIBLE, depending on where it edits. Some areas were more altered than others. I plan on providing patches for mods I myself use, like Immersive Laundry, but without having them installed, I cannot provide patches for every mod under the sun.
Any mod that edits Markarth's exterior is very likely COMPATIBLE. There may be some slight clipping, but that is easily fixed via the console. (open it, click the offending item, type "disable")

If you use the Fishing creation, do yourself a favor and install Fish Anywhere With Water.

That's it. Have fun lol