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Fish anywhere as long you are facing a nearby body of water.

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  • Fish anywhere as long as you are facing a nearby body of water by attacking with the fishing rod.
  • Does not allow you to fish on land, in lava, or facing away from water
  • Will attempt use a fish population from the nearest fishing spot. If fishing spot is not available, will fall back to sensible conditional defaults. This means:
    • Vanilla fish biomes are respected.
    • Correct local fish populations depletion.
  • Dynamically generate follower waiting spot behind the player.
    • Follower waiting logic also now support up to 10 followers instead of vanilla's 1 follower.
  • Safe to install/upgrade as long as you're not fishing.
  • Safe to uninstall as long as you keep ccbgssse001_fishingactscript.pex and you're not fishing.
Known Limitations
  • The water detection mechanism will kill any critter (dragonflies, butterflies, fish) that is unlucky enough to be in the path of its detection projectile.
  • You can fish in some truly strange places, as long as there is a body of water.
Q: This is letting me fish in some weird bodies of water
A: Oh well