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This mod integrate moderately some custom orc furniture sets provided by Kelretu in orc strongholds. Only replacement.

Permissions and credits

I've been amazed by Kelretu ressources that I integrated his work seamlessly with vanilla content to add more depth in orcish furniture. 
Nothing is added, I just replaced some vanilla furniture with his custom models when needed. Might be a detail for some people, but for other this mod can be a real boost in vanilla immersion.

Reminder : an orcish furniture set already exists in vanilla, this mod bring just more novelty and diversity to it. Nothing fancy.


- No navmesh edits
- Flagged ESL
- Middle class furniture replacement are manly in longhouses
- Almost every chests, and 70% of static barrels replaced
- Some strongholds have a custom blacksmith forge and Dushnikh Yal a distinct orcish well
- Kelretu's custom models use vanilla textures, all texture replacer will be compatible out the box
- No Base Object Swapper version provided for the moment, for clipping, scale and position tweaking reason
- Patch for Spice Of Life made by agentw available
- By its design, this little mod should be highly compatible I guess
- However, some mods like Ember XD will not apply on the new orc Forge, it will need 3D work to patch
- Animated Forge Water doesn't apply to the new orc forge, it need a patch

/New furniture assets

New orcish middle class set
- Shelfs (high and small)
- Tables (square, round and rectangle)
- Chair
- Beds (single and double)
- Dresser & end table (animated & lootable)

Others new orc furniture
- Chest (animated & lootable)
- Barrel (only static)
- Well
- Blacksmith forge (not correct collision mesh, but still usable)
- Small shelf
- Throne (for orc chief in exterior)
- Bucket, opened and closed (I added same physics & interaction & same value than vanilla bucket)

My file include all other orcish meshes by Kelteru (for future update ? ...)


- Largashbur Exterior
- Largashbur Longhouse
- Largashbur Basement
- Gloombound Mine

- Mor Khazgur Exterior
- Mor Khazgur Longhouse
- Mor Khazgur Cellar
- Mor Khazgur Mine

- Dushnikh Yal Exterior
- Dushnikh Yal Longhouse
- Dushnikh Yal Mine
- Dushnikh Yal Cellar

- Narzulbur Exterior
- Narzulbur Longhouse
- Narzulbur Basement

- Cracked Tusk Keep Exterior
- Cracked Tusk Keep Interior

- Bilegulch Mine Exterior
- Bilegulch Mine Interior

- Rift Watchtower


- Kelretu and his open perms
- agentw for his Spice Of Life patch

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