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A light-weight water mod. Includes ENB-compatible displacement maps. An optional ESP only edits water records.

Permissions and credits
  • ENB-compatible displacement map textures
  • Textures compatible with Cathedral Water or Vanilla
  • Supports ENB self-reflection
  • Optional ESP that changes water appearance
    • ESL-flagged
    • Only edits water records
    • 0 Cell edits
    • 0 Worldspace edits
    • Optionally disable flow maps
    • Improves shoreline blending
    • Slightly brighter colors or no color changes
    • Fixes green water cube map bug where all water reflects green cave cubemap after you leave an interior location with water in it. This is an vanilla engine bug.
    • Superior LOD water
  • Since there are no worldspace or cell edits:
    • There is no need for dozens of patches.
    • No need for translations for a purely visual mod into different languages.
    • Seamless water LODs: no seams or tiling and insensitive to load order conflicts
    • No loss of visual quality with far fewer headaches.

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Q: Is this compatible with xyz?
A: No idea.

Q: Is this ESL?
A: Check mod description.

Q: Why should I use this mod?
A: You are free to use whatever mod you want.

Q: My game doesn't look like the screenshots
A: Visuals depend on ENB, weather, and time of day.

Q: I have weird water seam?
A: This mod is not responsible. Sorry.

Q: Do I need ENB with this mod?
A: No, but your water won't get 3d displacement and will look flat.

Q: How do I get 3d displacement with ENB?
A: Turn on displacement in the water section. Play around with the water settings until it looks good to you.

Q: Drink from water patch?
A: Use Sunhelm. It is compatible with every water mod without needing patches.

Q: Why is the water moving?
A: There is not actually water in Skyrim. It's a video game, and what you see is merely a visual representation of water, an abstract simplification of reality, and because Skyrim does not perform fluid simulations, that facsimile of water is limited in its sophistication. For some, water is better represented by static and unmoving wave textures; for others, water is better represented if those wave textures moved. This is your game, you are the master of your own mod list, and you determine the shape of your Skyrim reality... Also, if it is not moving, you wouldn't be able to tell it is water.

Q: Boris updated enb with new feature. Can you add it?
A: There is no relevant change.