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Tweaks to the Daedric Halls in Legacy of the Dragonborn's Museum to incorporate Mandragorasprouts' shrine models, along other small tweaks. ESP-FE

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The wonderful Mandragorasprouts has been making Daedric Shrines makeover, while adding new ones. This mod aims to incorporate those statues into Legacy of the Dragonborn's Daedric Exhibit Hall, which already had some statues. This is a simple ESP that incorporates the new models a bit better in the hall, while adding some missing statues. More details in bullet points below.

Note that I use ENB and made tweaks to lighting in a personal mod, so your museum lighting may look different than the screenshots.

This add-on isn't endorsed by the LOTD team

  • Added the new statues by Mandragorasprouts into Legacy of the Dragonborn's Daedric Exhibit Hall
  • Repositioned and rescaled the statues to be a bit consistent in size.
  • Adjusted Meridia's light to be much bigger, illuminating the dark hall a bit.
  • Added light emittances from the windows, which can help illuminate some of the statues a bit more. They will change brightness depending on time of day.
  • Optional file without this light change, which is recommended if you use Legacy of The Dragonborn - Lighting Mod.


  • The Boethiah mesh I added is the same one found in my other mod HERE. The order shouldn't matter.
  • This is an updated version of the Add-on found on Peryite's page. Use this one instead of the other one if you prefer these changes.
  • Cell data will conflict with other mods changing it, such as Nordic Music Legacy. Load them after this mod.