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I like my HUDs to be small and "out of the way" so I created a Ultra Small Preset for the SkyHUD mod.
For the like-minded : I have saved you the trouble of tinkering the .ini file yourself and created an easy to install Ultra Small Preset .ini file.
REQUIRES the latest SkyHUD version by Fhaarkas !

Permissions and credits

I Urge you all to use Less Intrusive HUD II

Thank you all for the support of this mod, but it's time to move on



- - - Introducing Ultra Small Preset - - -

- - - and Ultra Small Preset Oblivion Style - - -


Thank you for visiting my mod page. This mod will provide you with a Ultra Small HUD based on the fabulous work from Fhaarkas. Feel free to leave suggestions in the POST section and if you like this mod please endorse. Due to popular demand now also available in Oblivion style. See down below for Oblivion specific changes in the Ultra Small Preset. I hope you enjoy my mod !

     WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT                                            

         See Example 1 / Oblivion Example in the images section

  • 1) health, magica, stealth bars are 60% smaller and re-positioned to the edge ( s ) of the screen -Oblivion-
  • 2) charge bars are 60% smaller and re-positioned to the edge ( s ) of the screen -Oblivion-
  • 3) arrows text (vanilla style / Oblivion style ) 30% smaller, re-positioned more to the edge of the screen -Oblivion-
  • 4) dot crosshair, 20% smaller
  • 5) location info (located in the top-right corner) 40% smaller, re-positioned more to the edge of the screen
  • 6) alternate 40% smaller compass with smaller compass markers, re-potitioned to the ( top ) edge of the screen -Oblivion-
  • 7) message text (located in the top-left corner) 40% smaller, re-positioned more to the top-center of the screen because of SkyUI 2.2

         See Example 2 / Oblivion Example in the images section

  • 8) subtitle text 30% smaller, re-positioned more to bottom of the screen -Oblivion-
  • 9) activate text + bar/line + info text are 40% smaller, lowered more to the bottom of the screen -Oblivion-

         See Example 3 in the images section

  • 10) objective text 50% smaller, same size as subtitles, activate text etc.

Also :

  • no clock
  • no enemy markers
  • no enemy healthbar
  • no sneak eye
  • no stealth text
  • no activate button
  • locations and undiscovered locations are still visible
  • opacity for the player bar is set at 100%
  • compass will auto hide, use “ Potion of Wayfinder ” to view it for 10 seconds
  • crosshair will auto hide and auto appear if you hover over something interactable
  • crosshair will auto appear when crouching for that sneaky long distant bow kill :)

 Before you proceed : ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR SAVES and BACKUP YOUR skyhud.ini / skyhud.txt !


The latest version of SkyHUD that Ultra Small Preset requires is version


please update to have the newest upgrades

     INSTALLATION WITH NMM                                        

  •  Install Ultra Small Preset by clicking Nexus Mod Manager and installing like you would any other mod with NMM.

MANUAL INSTALLATION                                        

  • Download the mod by clicking Download Manually
  • Open the archive and extract the skyhud.txt from the ...SkyHUD-Ultra Small Preset-0.60Bv3 \ USP-Preset \ USP folder to ...steamapps \ common \ Skyrim Special Edition \ Data \ Interface \ skyhud folder.


  •  Uninstall Ultra Small Preset using Nexus Mod Manager the same way as you uninstall other mods

         For manual uninstall delete the Ultra Small Preset skyhud.txt in the ...steamapps \ common \ Skyrim Special Edition \ Data \ Interface \ skyhud folder.
         Also reinstall a skyhud.txt from one of the Presets folders provided by the original SkyHUD


  • Backup your current skyhus.ini / skyhud.txt ( depending on your current version )
  • Uninstall the old Ultra Small Preset
  • Install the newest version of Ultra Small Preset
  • Where necessary adjust the newest version to your own liking


  • This mod does not alter the original mod, it only installs a new skyhud.txt file. For original compatibility issues see the SkyHUD page

     RECOMMENDED MOD                                        

  • Hide UI by my good friend fadingsignal. Great UI toggle with hotkey from one of the best and freindliest modders on the Nexus!


  • Fhaarkas for his awesome mod and his permission to upload this mod to the Nexus to share it with you all!

     TOOLS USED                                                   

  •  7-Zip
  •  Paint.NET
  •  Photoshop CS6
  •  NotePad++



 Thank you Thyworm for this video. The Ultra Small Preset starts at 6:29