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Model by Kiddgimmick - Placements by xcal68

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This mod changes the ugly thickets in the marsh by Solitude/Morthal to a much nicer marsh plant. Standard and Base Object Swapper support. 1k, 2k and 4k texture options.

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When I first saw Kiddgimmick's Marsh Plant, I just knew I had to get it into my game somehow.  I first tried just doing a straight up replacement for my thickets, since I was already on a mission to replace them.  This, of course, looked kinda dumb in certain areas, but it looked great in the marsh by Solitude/Morthal.  It is a marsh plant, after all!


So I created a plugin to replace them in only that marsh.  684 of them (in the main plugin) were swapped out.  Given the way it was done, it is fully compatible with any thicket/plant replacer you may be using.  All your current thickets will be retained, and only the marsh around Solitude/Morthal will be changed.  The only issue would be if your thicket replacer actually changes the model on a thicket by thicket basis, like this one does.  And I have never seen anyone do that before.  Not for the entire game.

The main plugin is the heart of it.  You really only need that one.

If you use USSEP, you'll want the patch in the optional files.  USSEP does change some thickets in the marsh, including positioning and reverting some to snow thickets.  This patch maintains positioning changes, but changes them to the new model.  If USSEP changed the thicket to a snow thicket, that change is preserved instead.

If you use Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes, you'll want the patch for it in the option files.  That mod changes some thicket positioning, too.  If you use this patch, do NOT use the USSEP patch I'm providing!  Since Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes requires USSEP anyway, the patch provided here includes changes from both, letting Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes win a conflict.

All plugins are ESL flagged ESPs.  No form IDs were harmed in the converting to ESL, so they are safe to add/remove on an existing save... well, as safe as that is in the first place.


Model/Texture: Kiddgimmick / Marsh Plant

Kiddgimmick added animations to the plant!  Check it out here:  Thickets To Marsh Plants Remastered