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Official repository for all Lux interior lighting variants and optional patches such as lightweight patches that can't be automated in Lux main FOMOD.

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Most people didn't seem to be aware that some lighting and interior optional overhauls were included into Lux FOMOD. This optional choices weren't automated for obvious reasons and thus were most certainly skipped so I've separated all optional choices and interior variants from Lux and I now will use this repository to update them and upload more. It'll also include all lightweight patches that were sleeping in Lux optional folders.

They deserved their own page and most importantly their own FOMOD. Most patches are still automated but since you'll need to install the main variant plugin to make them work, it'll only work if you already installed them before. As a launch bonus I improved Markarth's inn and added a brand new optional variant: Dragonsreach.

Obviously Lux is a hard requirement, all variants main purpose was to improve lighting even if reworking some part of the cell was required. I hope you'll enjoy most of them, some users wanted a more consistent Dragonsreach lighting, less exotic lighting in Understone Keep or never really noticed how boring Silver Blood Inn lighting was, now you have more choices.

If you like my mods and want to support me, feel free to visit my Patreon. Even if you're not donating you can still download my next project beta for free and try it out before it's even released. Supporting existing mods and working on new ones as well is really time consuming so any kind of support is highly appreciated.


First variant - Dragonsreach alternate lighting: More consistent window frame shadows orientation, ambient lighting changes in Farengar's room and Palace kitchen, main occulus natural lighting is no longer casting shadows, upstairs lighting has been greatly improved in JK's version too. Since there's less shadow calculation in the main hall it should slightly improve how JK's version is performing too.

Second variant: Silver Blood Inn. I wasn't much pleased with vanilla cell so I reworked it to make the main room fuller, I also added a kitchen in the back and more tables in front of the bar counter so that the entrance feels more alive. Dwemer broken sconces are used to warm the room and the bar is now used to stock beers and wine right above. All other rooms are left untouched and this version is fully compatible with JK's version, get the best of both worlds !

Third variant: Temple of Mara: It's my own Valentine Day version of Riften's temple, the first overhaul I released a while ago. I was looking for a colourful temple, cozy and soft. Hopefully coloured lanterns, flowers, incense and fumes will give a more unique touch to this small and modest temple.

Fourth variant: Understone Keep: Markarth's Palace was my first experimentation, I tried some really original lighting at first and ended with a Dwemer approach, pearl and orange tints just like how I reworked most dwemer dungeons. I worked on this Feuer Frei version to make it less dwemer and more "Hey guys, I'm a nord, I don't know how to light a fire but this place looks really good, old technology is nearly exploding in our faces but at least we have some good flames to roast some turkeys". Many dwemer sconces are now burning, the place is a lot warmer as a result !

FOMOD also includes all lightweight patches, I'll update them from time to time if it can help with framerate. Most Skyrim interiors are fine nowadays but Inns and Palaces can be really demanding, especially once fully modded.

If you like my work and want to support it, feel free to visite my patreon, even if you're not planning to support me maybe you can download and try my next projects out, I usually upload them there for free !