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This mod aims to add the Glowmaps from CALEB2 Glowmapped mods to various other mods having dwemer assets. It doesn't do the same awesome job that CALEB2 does though with pulsating and turned on/off glowmaps sadly.

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Playing with different mods adding new Dwemer ennemie, armor and weapons, I came to miss the glowmaps from CALEB2 mods :
Dwemer Tech Glowmapped, Dwemer Automatons GlowmappedDwemer Armor Glowmapped, Dwemer Weapons Glowmapped.

So I checked the following mods I'm using:

And started working on adding the glowmaps to the various automatons, weapons, armor and any other asset I could glowyfy.

  • For the Book of UUNP,  select the group "Dwemer Glowyfication - The Book of UUNP-SSE" which will allow you to fit the glowmapped armors to your body of preference.
  • For the Bikini Armors, select the group "Dwemer Glowyfication - Bikini Armors" and then batch build to apply the Slides and the Glow to the body of your choosing.

This is a work in progress as I am waiting for the authors of the various meshes to grant me permission to upload their modified assets here.