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Without requirements, these animations will completely replace, while holding a bow, the Idle, walk, run, turn left/right, Sprint, draw arrow, drawn arrow idle, drawn arrow walk/turn, arrow release, equip and unequip, includes belt fasted quiver animations.

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Finally managed to extend the Vanargand archery animations into the standing archery aswell, this will hopefully overhaul your third person archery experience into a jitter free, more precise and more enjoyable one.

While aiming with a bow, the character will now consistently keep facing the same direction while turning or moving in a similar fashion to how they behave with Vanargand sneak archery.


The outfit seen in the preview is QuarantineCouture's Practical Pirate Outfit, if you have other questions unrelated to this mod regarding the preview, make sure to check the video description and/or the comment section.


  • None. (Not even FNIS/Nemesis)



  • Compatible with anything that doesn't replace the same bow animations.
  • Archery Gameplay Overhaul is not compatible: These animations are made for the vanilla behavior while AGO's animations are made for AGO's behavior edits.


  • Use any mod manager or manually copy the content from this mod's 'Data' into your Skyrim 'Data' folder.
  • Make sure this mod is installed after XPMSSE (MO2's left pane) if you're using it

Disclaimer: As is the case with my previous mods, while grounded, historical accuracy and realism are not the intent of my animations, nor do I claim that they are. The animations are simply made according to my personal taste which is inevitably skewed by video games I played in the past. If you happen to share the same preferences that I do, then I'm happy for you!

Special thanks

Scatteredsoul21 - Gilead - YouLiekThait - fte205  - Quinn - Péter Ferik - NotSoWiseGuy - McNuttington  - Prerit Srivastava -
Mura Casardis - slimTHEalien - Shaquille Martin - Lone Artist - Darkstallion143 - Andri Mar Hagalin - Vendasia x666x - slonik -
William Rodgers - Rio Grande - Lupsy - Elianora -
Plooper - Minato777 - Dre G Writer - JaquerX - osterküken

And everyone whose constructive feedback helps me keep improving!

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