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A new animation pack, using DAR, aimed at bringing a more modern experience into the Sneak Archery archetype and eliminating long standing issues with the vanilla animations (bow changing direction while aiming, jittery movement and bow handling).

Permissions and credits
This mod works for both males and females, while sneaking holding a bow, and contains the following animations:
  • idle.
  • walk in the 8 directions.
  • run in the 8 directions.
  • Turn left/right while sneaking.
  • Draw arrow.
  • Drawn arrow idle and movement.
  • Arrow release.

It took a while to figure out, but the vanilla's diagonal sneak walk and run animations (8 animation files) were simply a re-use of their forward and backward counterparts with global 45 degree rotations, while time saving for the animator, these shortcuts came at the price of rotating the character aswell as the bow while aiming, which caused inconsistent aiming while moving and didn't look right as can be seen in the preview bellow.

The character will now keep facing the same direction while aiming with a bow and moving in any direction, the diagonal walking and running directions now have their own strafing animations for a more consistent 3rd person aiming experience.

This took quite the effort to pull off, for now, I will be stepping away from making further sneak animations at least for a while since I'm a bit burned out, you can find my other sneak animation mods in my nexus profile. My current project focuses on one handed animations for the vanilla and the SkySA behaviors.


Version 1.0 compared to vanillaV1.0 gameplay with AGO installed


The outfit seen in the previews is QuarantineCouture's Practical Pirate Outfit.




  • Use any mod manager or manually copy the content from this mod's 'Data' into your Skyrim 'Data' folder.
  • If you're using Archery Gameplay Overhaul, make sure to load/install my mod after AGO (in Mod Organizer 2's left pane if you're using MO2).

Known issues

  • Courtesy of Scatteredsoul21 for figuring it out, If you experience weird motion blending, make sure to disable XPMSE Style Fitting Animation.
    you can still use XPMSE's frostfall quiver option.
    Fully supports XPMSSE as of version 1.4 thanks to Panarchy's feedback.

  • The mod is made for vanilla's behavior, while Archery Gameplay Overhaul is mostly compatible, you may experience some relatively minor issues since it alters behavior files, using both is possible (as can be seen on the gameplay video above) but not recommended, refer to the sticky comment in the posts section for more info if you still wish to use both.

Disclaimer: As is the case with my previous mods, while grounded, historical accuracy and realism are not the intent of my animations, nor do I claim that they are. The animations are simply made according to my personal taste which is inevitably skewed by video games I played in the past.If you happen to share the same preferences that I do, then I'm happy for you!

Special thanks

Lone Artist - Prerit Srivastava - Troy - fte205 - Quinn - Mikayla Kerns - Péter Ferik - NotSoWiseGuy - Gilead - YouLiekThait
Rio Grande - Shaquille Martin - slonik - Vendasia x666x - Jarek Haseman - Andri Mar Hagalin

And everyone whose constructive feedback helps me keep improving!

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