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This mod gives inns a chance to be fully booked, to incentivise using other inns or camping.

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Skyrim's worldspace is scaled down by a lot. This has several issues obviously. Personally, for me, someone who likes immersion and such, mods that add survival mechanics (cold, hunger, thirst, fatigue) can too easily be circumvented as there's always an inn closeby. In addition, many town/city overhauls add new inns, yet I feel myself going back to my same old inns.

For these reasons, I made this small tweak: Inns can be closed. It adds a (configurable) chance that an inn is fully booked and has no more room for you. This is done to incentivise using lesser known inns, or even camping outside.

How do it work

Each time the player enters an interior cell with an innkeeper, an effect on that innkeeper will do a random roll. (33*% chance) If that roll fails, it will add a certain invisible token, which changes the dialogue for renting a room. Each 20* hours in game time, this will reset.

* Configurable value, see below.


SPID -> This is non-optional, as the mod will not work without it.


You can use the following console commands to configure certain settings.



Q: This is silly. What would you even make a mod like that?
A: I described my reasons in the Introduction section. This mod only appeals to a very niche base of players and I am aware that. If you don't like it, just move on.

Q: Will you make a patch for X?
A: Maybe eventually, but not right now.

Q: Will you port this to <insert other version of Skyrim>?
A: I only support the PC Steam English Special Edition of Skyrim. Any other version I won't support myself. However, I do allow others to port it to other version at their own responsibility. (see permissions)

A: Yes.