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Preset of our favourite big mommy milkers Lady D, proudly brought to Skyrim. Courtesy of my bad decisions and 5 am caffeine-induced Skyrim spree :)

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Pretty simple and straightforward. You'll need:
High Poly Heads 

I use CBBE, so if you use UNP, adjust it accordingly I guess?

The images where she's using her hat is a wig-hat ish. Full outfit set is from the talented Jinxxed0 who created her dress. It's still a WIP. Do check it out :D 
Lady Alcina Dimitrescu Dress WIP 
Yea that's really the only outfit I used in the photos since I got lazy.

  • Pretty sure the brows are from vanilla Skyrim 

And that should pretty much be it. The rest should be from vanilla Skyrim anyways.

**If you want her to really pull off that Lady Dimitrescu, you can rack her height scale in the RaceMenu up to 1.65 (that's what I did, with Harkon - my dude's like ~1.8m - for scale) 
Mini disclaimer:
1. I know Lady D has more aged and sunken features-ish if you get what I mean. I tried to recreate it to stay true to her absolute big mommy beauty, but honestly I couldn't without having her look like the grandma from the "hE's SeLlInG cHoCoLaTE?!" episode in Spongebob. So sorry about that :"D

2. When I say I made Lady D, I mean it. Don't be surprised if you load in the preset and that white James Charles meme pops up. She really do be pale

3. No I won't make her a follower. I've absolutely no idea how to make followers and I probably lack the resources needed. Plus I'm too lazy. If anyone knows how to make followers, and wants to using my preset of her or something. Feel free, just let me know first :)
Shameless self-promotion, but check out my other presets too :"] Thanks :D