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Journey to Lodor's Tower just north of Rorikstead and find Greybane Hollow just beneath the tower and claim a powerful pendant from an ancient mighty nord warrior buried beneath the ruins.

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Greybane Hollow
by: venjhammet

Lore of the Dungeon:

     A thousand years ago an ambitious nord warrior Lodor Grey was revered and praised by his men for defending against the Reachmen but died as a murderer for killing his wife. Legend has it that Lodor made a secret pact with the mad alchemist for greater power at the cost of his wife. But other say he was captured by bandits and this mad alchemist made all sort of evil experiment upon him and eventually he went insane and killed his wife. Whatever the truth was no one knows until this day.

Dungeon location:

     Head to the northern part of Rorikstead near Robber's Gorge and you will find Lodor's Tower there. Deep within that tower lies Greybane Hollow.

Important to take note:

1. This dungeon uses only vanilla asset
2. It's a highly detailed, well optimized, dark and maze-like dungeon with seven (7) cells
3. Lore friendly but not radiant quest enabled because enemy bosses have high stats
4. Atleast level 50 is required to venture this dungeon
5. Enemy bosses will level with your character
6. Expect traps, puzzles and confusion as you venture the catacombs



-the interior on each chambers has been simplified to avoid confusion with the doors

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