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Minimalistic crafting overhaul for LOTD replicas. Fully compatible with crafting overhauls such as CCOR, SSO and other

Permissions and credits
With the release of Constructible Object Custom Keyword System (C.O.C.K.S) there is really not much need to maintain the old (3.x) CRAFT - smarter LOTD Forge version of this mod. Instead it is now a lightweight quality of life mod to make Legacy of the Dragonborn replicas more attractive to use.


Replica Changes

Makes Museum replicas
  • worthless and unsellable
  • unable to do damage, stagger, or provide armor rating
  • unable to be enchanted or tempered
  • unable to provide you experience
  • weightless

Replica Recipe Changes
Makes Museum replica and writing / archeology station recipes
  • disappear when the replica is in your inventory (so you don't accidently craft same replica twice)
  • disappear when the item or replica is already on display (where this feature has not already been implemented)
  • cost nothing (think of the museum handling the costs for providing replicas)

Other changes
disables Safehouse glass window recipes unless you have Glass in your inventory
  • disables duplicate replica recipes
  • visage armor set replicas can be crafted when completing the relevant quest without the tedium of having to return to a specific forge
  • ingredients needed for replicas (such as rare curios) can be in the ingredient container or the players inventory for recipes to show up
  • Fossil Mining Patch: Dragon fossil components auto sort into the archaeology container and the recipe to craft the dragon fossil moved from the forge to the archaeology container

  • Compatible with all crafting mods such as Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered and Simple Smithing Overhaul.
  • Compatible with all mods that don't edit LOTD replicas or replica recipes.
    Appropriate bashed patches have been used to allow such mods to work without a compatibility patch.
  • Please ignore the LOOT message that CCOR or SSO are not compatible with this mod. This is no longer the case.
Supported Mods
  • All official LOTD (official) Patch Hub mods that contain replicas
  • All official Creation Club Patch Hub mods that contain replicas
  • Most inofficial mods that contain replicas

If you want to have any other patches added to the installer just send me the esps and I'll add them.
Legacy of the Dragonborn (+ Patches) by icecreamassassin and the entire Legacy of the Dragonborn Team
Sheerie who helped create patches for this mod in the past