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Minimalistic crafting overhaul that declutters your forge, reduces crafting grind, and provides conveniences to fill your LOTD gallery. Also adds breakdown and upgrade recipies. Comes with MCM to toggle filters. Also tweaks museum replicas and contains some Open World Loot Patches.

Permissions and credits
Alternative version of Simple Smithing Overhaul tailored for Legacy of the Dragonborn. Additionally some OWL Patches, for those who use that framework.

As you level smithing hundreds of recipes are unlocked, of which most are likely to be never crafted. Other crafting mods like Complete Crafting Overhaul attempt to declutter the crafting menus by providing filter options. CRAFT declutters the forge by exploiting the fact that most armors and weapons can be displayed in the LOTD museum in addition to a few simple filters that can be toggled via MCM menu.

The following filters are provided via the MCM menu:

Hide Displayed
Recipes for items that can be displayed in the museum and are already on display will be hidden (always on for replicas).
This dynamically declutters the forge as you fill the museum.

Hide Undisplayable
Recipes for items that do not have a display in the museum will be hidden.
This drastically declutters the forge.

Hide if in Inventory
Recipes for items that currently already are in your inventory will be hidden (always on for replicas).
This helps accidentally crafting multiple versions of items for the purpose of filling the museum.

Hide Supplies
Recipes for bolts, arrows, and lockpicks will be hidden (not affected by other filters).
If you don't have a need to craft those, why show the recipies?

Hide Breakdown Recipes
Hides item breakdown recipes at the smelter and tanning rack (not affected by other filters).

Hide Upgrade Recipes
Hides artifact upgrade recipes (not affected by other filters).
Vanilla items can be better if you do quests at a later character level. Upgrade recipies allow you to update those items when reaching the appropriate level.

Replica changes

Consistency changes

Breakdown Recipes

Artifact Upgrade Recipes

Is this mod for me?

  • Incompatible with other Smithing overhauls such as Complete Crafting OverhaulSimple Smithing Overhaul, or Ars Metallica.
  • Compatible with perk overhauls such as Ordinator, Vokrii, or Adamant without a patch.
  • Some few patches contain WACCF balance adjustments (indicated with a W in version name). I only added those if the original mod was totally out of balance or if there is not a fitting WACCF patch already.

Supported Mods

Creation Club
 Arcane AccessoriesArcane Archer PackChrysamereDivine CrusaderPlague of the DeadRuin's EdgeStaff of SheogorathStendarr's HammerDwarven Armored MudcrabLord's MailAdventurer's BackpackCampingNix-HoundShadowrendNordic JewelryPets of SkyrimRare CuriosBone WolfStaff of HasedokiCivil War ChampionsElite CrossbowsForgotten SeasonsSaturalia Holiday PackSunder & WraithguardVigil Enforcer Armor SetArms of ChaosSpell Knight ArmorUmbraAlternative Armors - Dwarven MailAlternative Armors - Stalhrim FurDawnfang & DuskfangExpanded Crossbow PackNetch Leather ArmorAlternative Armors - Daedric MailAlternative Armors - DragonscaleAlternative Armors - Elven HunterAlternative Armors - Ebony PlateAlternative Armors - Steel SoldierDead Man's DreadGoblinsSaints & SeducersThe Gray Cowl Returns!Alternative Armors - Daedric PlateAlternative Armors - Dragon PlateAlternative Armors - Dwarven PlateAlternative Armors - IronAlternative Armors - LeatherAlternative Armors - Orcish PlateAlternative Armors - Orcish ScaledAlternative Armors - SilverBittercupBow of ShadowsFarmingFearsome FistsFishingGallows HallGhosts of the TribunalGoldbrandHeadman's CleaverRedguard Elite ArmamentsThe CauseThe Contest

Museum Display Expansions Additional Hearthfire Dolls (3.0), Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation (1.1.0), Amulets of Skyrim SSE (4.061), Artifacts - The Ice Blade of the Monarch (2.6), Cloaks of Skyrim (patch found here), Dwemer Spectres (4.0), Fossil Mining (3.2), Kthonia's Unique Weapon Pack (1.2), Oblivion Artifact Pack SE (V3), Skyrims Unique Treasures (4.6), The Tools of Kagrenac (1.59), Vigilant SE (1.7.1)

Armory Additions Dawnguard Arsenal (1), Guards Armor Replacer (5.5a, miniml, W), Heavy Armory (5.2), Immersive Armors  (patch can be found here), Immersive Weapons (2), Jaysus Swords (1.8)

Quest Mods Clockwork (1.0), Falskaar (2.2), The Forgotten City (1.8), Helgen Reborn (106.SSE), Konahrik's Accoutrements (5.5.3), Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE ( 1.16.1), Project AHO (2.0), Teldryn Serious (7.0.0), Undeath Remastered (1.7 + classical lichdom), The Wheels of Lull (5.1.8), Wyrmstooth (1.20)

Additional Patches Mystic Condenser (2.3), Reliquary of Myth (4.6.3), Weapons Armor Clutter and Clothing Fixes (2.9.2)

Currently Under Construction:

I want to create a patch

OWL Patches
Some OWL Patches for the supported mods already exist.
I do always recommend using my OWL Patches over alternative patches, should they exist for that given mod. Why?


Legacy of the Dragonborn (+ Patches) by icecreamassassin and the entire Legacy of the Dragonborn Team
moose109 for allowing me to use his ideas for a crafting overhaul as a baseline.
deletepch for Open World Loot.
Sheerie for tons of Creation Club patches
kuplion for allowing me to intergrate his work.
mattrk for PRUFEI