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You can now jump with those stylish freerunning stuffs like front flip, side flip etc.

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OAR implement (ver. 1.4) update:

I learned how to use Ersh's Open Animation Replacer yesterday, and it is truely amazing cause it makes adding conditions for certain animations much easier.
If you use Dynamic Animation Replacer before and haven't tried OAR yet, I highly recommend you to switch to OAR and learn how to add your own condition through it.

- All animations are merged in one compressed file using OAR format.
- Slightly adjust sprint jump and leap of faith animations.
- Fix the camera clipping issue when you perform leap of faith while sneaking.
- Already include file replacing diving animation from JaySerpa's Leaps of Faith - A Misc Quest

My OAR default conditions:
- Player only
- Only perform flip jump while character moving
- Sprint and jump to perform dive/screwdriver vault randomly
- Sneaking forward and jump to perform leap of faith
- You can always change condition using OAR to create your own experience. It takes time, but It's worth a try.


I changed main title because "freerun" is more precise to describe the movement in this mod. The word "parkour" is used in my another mod:
Parkour in Skyrim - EVG Animated Traversal Addon

If I have enough time, I may add more animations for next update.


Several years ago, I searched for jump animations mod to make my character do parkour. I had found Momo Acrobatic Jump SE, and I liked its split leg side jump animations, but there was a problem that those animations made you look like you were floating with little gravity rather than actually jumping. I couldn't find another replacement that satisfied my requirement, so I decided to make my own animations to jumpmuch more realistically (with style).

----------------------------------------Information for those who uses old versions under 1.3-----------------------------------------

Back twist jump are only applied while weapon sheathed for default version, but for other versions, you need to draw your weapon to do back
twist jump. If you are using jump attack mod that need to use default
back jump animation while weapon drawn, you can delete my folder "8023"

Ver. 1.1:
File "backflip only" had been added. If you already have my main file and want to get a bit natural falling animation, copy everything except _conditions.txt in new "8023" file and paste them to your old one. For user who only use back flip, you may have to adjust _conditions.txt, avoiding animation unmatched while running 360 with weapon sheathed. For example, if you want to backflip only while weapon drawn, add "AND IsWeaponDrawn()" in _conditions.txt like this:
IsActorBase("Skyrim.esm" | 0x00000007) AND

IsMovementDirection(3) AND
NOT IsMovementDirection(2) AND
NOT IsMovementDirection(4) AND

Ver. 1.2:
Leap of faith has been added. Sneak forward with weapon sheathed to play the animation.
Assassin's Creed series were once my favorite games that let me know about parkour and be interested in, although I don't like their latest game since they became some ARPGs with warrior who can't even assassinate enemies if you're in lower level.
When I searched for jump animations in Skyrim years ago, I found Female Parkour jump set MOD by T_KUKU and used it for a while. It is a great mod, and make me want to remake a new animation without rolling and landing that I can memorize my once favorite series in Skyrim.
Next update will be my last one.

Ver. 1.3:
Well, I made an animation to replace sprint jump for those used Better Jumping. It isn't well done because of mechanics with Better Jumping and DAR, but I still made it to fulfill my fantasy which I'd dreamed of a long time ago.

My modding journey will pause for a while because I need to take a break and prepare for my exam. Thank you for appreciating my mods. :)

Ver. 1.0alt:
My gosh! some movement mods came up so fast recently! I made a little modification for users who use True Directional Movement. This modification allows you to do sideflip and backflip when you're in lock-on mode.