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A mesh only animated forge water replacer with refraction. No ESP.
Includes patches for Elsopa and Embers

Permissions and credits
  • Animated Forge Water
  • Uses water texture from whatever water mod you've installed
  • Uses refraction and normal maps
  • Mesh only
  • Has slower and quicker moving water options in fomod
  • No ESP
    • Works with any mod-added vanilla forges
    • Doesn't conflict with edits to vanilla locations
    • No need to patch
  • Includes SMIM and USSEP mesh changes
  • Fixes extra clipping trough on Skyforge (vanilla bug)
  • Fixes missing sparks, steam, and splashes on Ravenrock blacksmith forge (uesp bug)

Patches included in FOMOD
  • Elsopa Anvil
    • Fixed some bugs present in Elsopa Anvil:
      • Fixed Ravenrock Blacksmith Anvil
      • Fixed Hearthfire forge inventory models
      • Fixed broken Whiterun Warmaiden's forge metal bars
  • Embers HD
  • Embers XD
  • Elsopa with Embers HD
  • Elsopa with Embers XD

  • Compatible with any vanilla forges added to new locations
  • Patches available for
  • Overwrite (install with higher priority) Assorted Mesh Fixes
  • Incompatible with any other nif/mesh replacers that changes the same files

Q: What's the difference between this and some other thing?
A: This doesn't use ESP, so:
  • It works with any mod that adds new instances of vanilla forges without needing any patches
  • It doesn't conflict with mods that make edits to existing locations

Q: Does it need patching?
A: Not unless you use a forge mesh replacer

Q: Can you make patch with so-and-so mod?
A: Unlike this mod, which is open permissions, most mods are released with closed permissions. Without obtaining permissions, I cannot use their assets to make your patch. You have to get the authors to make it or ask them for permission.

Q: Why is the water moving?
A: There is not actually water in Skyrim. It's a video game, and what you see is merely a visual representation of water, an abstract simplification of reality, and because Skyrim does not perform fluid simulations, that facsimile of water is limited in its sophistication. For some, water is better represented by static and unmoving wave textures; for others, water is better represented if those wave textures moved. This is your game, you are the master of your own mod list, and you determine the shape of your Skyrim reality.
Also wind.

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