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No more muddy compression for the game music. Only loose files (no esp plugin). Oldrim / VR compatible.

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For both Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition, the original music files are compressed in a format called XWM (or xWMA). Compression is used to save space by reducing the files size. However, the XWM format is a lossy compression, which means it irreversibly destroys some of the file data, impacting the sound quality.

What Bethesda did for Skyrim, is to use XWM's default ratio between file size and sound quality, which is approximately 48kbps. The result is, average file size but poor sound quality.


48kbps is not the only available bitrate for XWM. It can handle much higher bitrate, up to 192kbps, if set properly.

Higher quality

Since the Special Edition release on PS4 (or before if you were playing on PS3), you may have noticed that the sound quality (music and voices) is indisputably better than PC and Xbox 360/One versions.
If PS3 and PS4 versions of the game are not affected by this compression issue, it's because they are using Sony's proprietary audio format instead of Microsoft's XWM. This proprietary audio format remain a lossy compression, but is much more efficient, preserving the sound quality.

What this mod do

This mod will replace the vanilla music files with new ones, in much higher quality (192kbps), made with audio records from my PS4 playthrough. This quality upgrade will make the music more clear, more dynamic ; the soundstage (stereo field) will no longer be muffled. Compression artifacts will be removed. No more muddy compression. The game soundtrack will recover it's original beauty.

This mod support every music file of the game, including Dawnguard, Dragonborn and unreleased tracks.

The original mod only includes loose files (no ESP is needed).

The optional version includes a small ESP plugin which will restore a few unused tracks. (mus_explore_day_06, mus_dread_03, Sovngarde palette ambiance)


Note : The quality difference between mod and vanilla may not be evident for everyone, depending on your sound installation and your own perception. While audiophiles will notice a huge difference, some others may just notice a small one. Or, you may not ear any difference at all. Even in that last case, I strongly suggest you to try the mod anyway.

(Wear headphones or headset to watch the preview video)


Just install with Nexus Mod Manager
. To install manually, extract the archive and place the "music" folder in your Data game folder.
The optional version comes with an installer to choose which version of the game you are using.


The original mod is compatible with everything since there are only loose files.

The optional version is also compatible with any sound/music mod unless it doesn't disable or remove vanilla music.

Both can be used with the original game (Oldrim).

Do not forget to endorse if you like this mod :) your support means a lot to me!



Jeremy Soule
, for his MASTERWORK on the Elder Scrolls games and Bethesda, for the game and its assets.
Unrelated to the mod I take this opportunity to say thanks to the modding community, I wouldn't have play this game so many hours without awesome mods found on Nexus !

This material is not made, guaranteed or supported by ZeniMax or its affiliates. This mod is Nexus exclusive and shouldn't be reuploaded/reused anywhere.

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