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About this mod

SKSE plugin that make player's power attack direction decided by the real keyboard /gamepad control. Also unlock the directional power attack of ABR.

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source code is here : https://github.com/max-su-2019/MaxSuPowerAttackControl-SSE

Version V0.31 now compatible with "True Directional Movement"!

Issue Description:

In vanilla Skyrim, the direction that player character would pick when doing power attack is not decided by the real input of your device (gamepad or keyboard). Instead, it decided by the movement direction and movement speed of the player character at the moment the power attack action start. 

Such mehcaism has caused a issue: when peform power attack, the direction your device control may not sync with the real direction the player character attacking. 

This issue could happen in vanila gameplay when you continully doing multipe time power attack. It could also happen when you are using dodge mod likes: TK Dodge or Ultimate Dodge, you may get a wrong power attack direction when you using power attack just right after a dodge action.

That also caused player character cannot doing directional power attack when attacking with Attack Behavior Revamp 's behaviour, because ABR make character's movement speed to zero during attacking.

What this mod does?

This mod use a SKSE plugin to provide a better power attack direction control mehcaism for player character, with this mod the power attack direction will decided by the real input of your gamepad or keyboard, so you will not meet the direction incorrect issues anymore. 

As addition effect, it will also unlock the diretional power attack for Attack Behavior Revamp.

How to Install?


(1) SKSE for the correspond game version.
Address Library for SKSE Plugins

How to Install:

Download and Install the mod files with mod manager.

INI File Settings:

For gamepad users, you can go to "Data\SKSE\Plugins\MaxsuPowerAttackControl.ini" file and change the "LeftStickThreshold" to set up the sutiable moving thershold value for your gamepad. Left stick move value over this thershold will considering doing diretioanl power attack.