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Simple race and gender changes designed to be used in conjunction with class mods. Edits race class bonuses and heights for better visual communication of racial specializations.

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After I realized that Classic Classes Reimagined removed the additional 10 to 15 points that all characters get by default after character creation, this simple mod was made. While I agree with the design choice because it makes initial stats incredibly important, it can also make default races too one-dimensional as they only have one good stat. The height changes were just to differentiate melee races from magic and rogue races. I also removed the Orc Race Females manly stance. Starting health, magika, and stamina haven't been altered as it only serves to hinder the player rather than any enemies. I'm not a lore dude, so the below explanations are merely theory crafting. Two versions of the mod are posted - one with my height changes and one without. If you either of the patches then you shouldn't need the main files as the patches contain all the race edits. So, yeah, this is just a super simple mod that, hopefully, somebody will enjoy.

Quick Overview


Magic Skill Races – Altmer, Breton, Argonian
Warrior Skill Races – Nord, Orc
Rogue Skill Races – Khajiit, Bosmer, Dunmer
Balanced Skill Races – Redguard, Imperial


Altmer - M (1.08), F (1.06)
Orc - M (1.045), F (1.03)
Nord - M (1.03), F (1.01)
Redguard - M (1.01), F (0.99)
Imperial - M (1.00), F (0.98)
Dunmer - M (0.995), F (0.975)
Argonian - M (0.99), F (0.97)
Khajiit - M (0.98), F (0.95)
Breton - M (0.98), F (0.95)
Bosmer - M (0.97), F (0.95)

Detailed Descriptions

High Elf

Height – M (1.08), F (1.06)
Primary Stat – Alteration (15)
Proficient Stats – Illusion (10), Enchanting (10)
Minor Stats – Conjuration (5), Destruction (5), Restoration (5)

Primary Role – Wizard

Master of all magical arts, the relentlessly inquisitive Altmer have slowly turned away from more practical forms of magic to focus on the more esoteric arts of Alteration, Illusion, and Enchanting. Many even claim their victory in the Great War was due to their enchanted arms and armor.

While the Altmer may claim their height stems from their pure blood, others believe it may stem from generations of selective breeding among noble Altmer families.

Though their tall, lanky bodies are typically not suited for direct confrontations. The sight of their elongated frame still strikes fear into foes as they typically don't know which form of magic they're about to be confronted with.


Height – M (1.045), F (1.03)
Primary Stat – Two-Handed (15)
Proficient Stats – Heavy Armor (10), Smithing (10)
Minor Stats – One-Handed (5), Block (5), Enchanting (5)

Primary Role – Tank

Aggressive, strong, and highly durable Orcs are highly valued on battlefields across Tamriel due to their martial abilities. The ease with which they wield two-handed weapons and heavy armor enables them to combine mobility with protection and power. If their numbers weren't so small and their culture so fractious, they would have long ago conquered a large chunk of Tamriel.

Orcs are tall but well built, making them ideal warriors from birth. Though many tend to take up the smithing arts a rare few, have been known to explore their innate magical abilities.


Height – M (1.03), F (1.01)
Primary Stat – Smithing (15)
Proficient Stats – One-Handed (10), Two-Handed (10)
Minor Stats – Heavy Armor (5), Light Armor (5), Speech (5)

Primary Role – Berserker (Melee DPS)

The proud and fierce Northmen value bravery and honor in battle above anything else. Some traditionalist Nords even feel that the use of Heavy Armor and Shields in battle are acts of cowardice. Nords also have a high disdain toward magic and have no natural proficiency in the spellcasting arts. While not a match physically for the Orcs, their well-crafted weapons and armor tend to even the odds.

Tall and hardy, the Nords tend to tower over the other races of men, with even the women being noted for their exceptional height and musculature.


Height – M (1.01), F (0.99)
Primary Stat – One-Handed (15)
Proficient Stats – Archery (10), Block (10)
Minor Stats – Light Armor (5), Alteration (5), Destruction (5)

Primary Role – Skirmisher

The most pragmatic fighters on Tamriel, Redguards, are taught from a young age to win a battle at all costs and to use any means at their disposal to do so. Redguard warriors are some of the most versatile on the continent, skilled at the sword, bow, and magical techniques. Their famed tactics of feigning retreat during battle only to turn around and defeat their now tired pursuers are legendary. Though the recent growth in mistrust of magic is feared by many older Redguard warriors to be affecting the younger generation's ability to effectively combat magical foes.

Redguards tend to be above average height with limber but well-built frames that assist them in their fluid and mesmerizing swordplay.


Height – M (1.00), F (0.98)
Primary Stat – Block (15)
Proficient Stats – Heavy Armor (10), Speech (10)
Minor Stats – One-Handed (5), Destruction (5), Restoration (5)

Primary Role – Tactician

An Imperial and his/her shield are never far apart. A well-known saying in the Imperial army and across Tamriel as Imperials always remain prepared for any conflict. Imperial discipline and defensive tactics are well-known annoyances to the more martial races of Tamriel. Still, they have won the Imperial army countless engagements against superior foes. Imperials are drilled on versatility and group tactics and never tend to fight alone. They can also quickly organize even the most disorganized force. This is why Imperial-led bandit groups tend to be some of the most dangerous across Tamriel.

Imperials are typically not impressive physically, either height or weight-wise. Imperial soldiers are an exception as the heavy armor training, and long marches tend to form incredibly sturdy men and women.

Dark Elf

Height – M (0.995), F (0.975)
Primary Stat – Sneak (15)
Proficient Stats – Destruction (10), One-Handed (10)
Minor Stats – Light Armor (5), Alchemy (5), Illusion (5)

Primary Role – Assassin

With a society built around secrets and deceit, is it any wonder the finest assassins in Tamriel are Dunmer? Many a noble has died to piercing red eyes in the dark attached to the dusk-skinned Dunmer he couldn't quite make out. Dunmer are also famous for developing the technique of quiet casting to assist in disposing of their target among the ash fields of Northern Morrowind.

Dunmer stand around the height of Imperials but are much slighter of build. A quality that aides them in sneaking in and out of building as much as they're dusky skin. Females are much more prized as assassins than male Dunmers due to their smaller stature.


Height – M (0.99), F (0.97)
Primary Stat – Restoration (15)
Proficient Stats – Alteration (10), Conjuration (10)
Minor Stats – Light Armor (5), Sneak (5), Lockpicking (5)

Primary Role – Healer

The Argonians have all the traits to be as great or greater assassins than their Dunmer enemies. Still, their overall more pacifistic culture prevents many from taking this path. Instead, they use their natural regenerative ability and study of Hist sap to become acclaimed doctors and healers outside their homeland. Argonian shamans are held in incredibly high esteem by many apothecaries across Tamriel that they journey to Black Marsh to study under them. More aggressive Argonians may become highly effective aquatic shock troops for many armies and mercenary groups.

Argonians are of relatively modest height and range from stocky to svelte. Argonian male and female height differences are a relic of their more territorial ancestors. Notably, the distinctive Argonian male head frill disappeared as they became more peaceful. More aquatic Argonians developed the ability to deliver live young. This trait also started to recede as they've become more terrestrial.


Height – M (0.98), F (0.95)
Primary Stat – Pickpocket (15)
Proficient Stats – Lockpicking (10), Sneak (10)
Minor Stats – One-Handed (5), Archery (5), Alchemy (5)

Primary Role – Thief

The often misunderstood and maligned Khajiit are frequently equated with thievery and bad luck outside their homeland. Leaving them to engage in the very same actions they're discriminated against for just to make a living. Though a good many Khajiit will argue they are very well-built for thievery with their ability to see in the dark and light-stepping paws.

The Khajiit are small and graceful, making excellent thieves and spies but not particularly great warriors due to their inability to take much damage.


Height – M (0.98), F (0.95)
Primary Stat – Speech (15)
Proficient Stats – Illusion (10), Alchemy (10)
Minor Stats – Alteration (5), Conjuration (5), Restoration (5)

Primary Role – Bard

The highly cultured Bretons are excellent diplomats, scholars, and bureaucrats. They're highly praised in administrative capitals across the empire for their ability to peacefully negotiate any conflict. In fact, it's often said that if you could talk your way out of conflict, the Bretons would have formed the empire rather than just marrying into it. The elegant exterior of Breton courts hides their more sinister side, which is filled with poison, blackmail, and mind control.

Due to their long period as slaves, Bretons remain the shortest race of men though male Bretons have begun to rebound. The female Bretons remain short due to it being considered more attractive by Breton males. Breton females outside of High Rock tend to be taller due to not having this sort of selective pressure.

Bretons in combat are considered relatively non-threatening despite being rather talented mages and having high magic resistance due to their weak constitution. Indeed it's very well-known that alliances and mercenaries have been the main elements for military success in High Rock for centuries.

Wood Elf

Height – M (0.97), F (0.95)
Primary Stat – Archery (15)
Proficient Stats – Light Armor (10), Alchemy (10)
Minor Stats – Pickpocket (5), Lockpicking (5), Sneak (5)

Primary Role - Archer

The free-spirited natives of Valenwood are one of the least likely races to be seen outside their homeland. This is mainly due to their deep ties to the land and secondly because their entire combat style is disadvantaged without adequate tree cover. Relying primarily on attacks of opportunity from cover and extensive use of natural poisons, the Bosmer are great guerilla warriors. Still, they suffer in open warfare, which has led to their reluctant incorporation into several empires. Bosmer outside their homeland mostly stick to being traders and hunters, which, when combined with their small foreign presence, has led them to have a mostly amicable relationship with all the other races.

Bosmer are small, slight, and nimble, which is an adaption to moving through the treetops of their homeland. Unfortunately, their small size and frailty lead them to be easy foes for larger opponents that can avoid or aren't fazed by their arrows. Which is compounded by the fact that they aren't particularly hard-hitting melee combatants.

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