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No more women moving like men. Installation options for all races, all but orcs, or combination of individually selected races.

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No more women moving like men.
Depending on selected installation choices, women of selected races will not use male animations anymore.
You can choose between options affecting ALL races, All except Orcs, or individually selected races.

Depending on selected options it can apply to all women of the following races:
Afflicted, Altmer, Bosmer, Bretons, Dunmer, Imperials, Nords, Orcs, Redguards
(the fix for Orcs also includes fix for Orc Vampires)

NOTE: Any NPCs you already met, will NOT may not be affected, because the game will instead use the information already stored in your save file.
AFAIK there is no way around it, other than starting new game.
I was too lazy to test this, but i THINK it concerns only the persistent ones, made temporarily persistent due to being assigned into some quest alias.
For example, generic unnamed female bandits should set/reset their animation style depending on whether you are using this mod or you just uninstalled it, etc.  - if you use this mod, they will walk like females, and if you uninstall it later, their animation style will revert to vanilla settings (except for those npcs who are currently loaded - if you save your game right in front of such bandit, uninstall the mod, and load the save, expect this bandit to still use the animation style dictated by the mod, because the setting regarding this NPC was saved in the save file - but i am just guessing, didn't really tested this).
Regarding the persistent NPCs, once they are freed, removed from the alias, unloaded, then on next encounter their animation style should reflect whatever mods you are currently using at that moment. The game seem to do this to quite a lot of NPCs though, so it may take a looong time until the game frees them (sometimes until you finish quests they are part of) and they reset/reload on next encounter, it is even possible that some may effectively persists forever.

Best to place as high in your load order as possible - if you have any other mods that somehow affect NPCs, whether they change their appearance, inventory, traits, size, skills, factions, whatever... make sure such mods are loaded AFTER this one.
The animation style of such NPCs will then depend on what is set by those other mods, as they override any changes i made to those NPCs.

(Made while using USSEP, so it's changes to any of the affected NPC records made it into this mod. Optional non-USSEP version is also available)
Any other mod editing any of the affected NPCs will clash with this - the mod loaded last will win.
For example, if you are using some mod to make Lydia prettier, and you place that mod in load order AFTER this mod, Lydia will be pretty, but will walk like a man (unless that other mod also changes this) - all other NPCs, unaffected by the other mod, will use female animations no problem (provided that they fall into category covered by the selected installation option).
For orcs it may be bit more complicated, because i had to make changes to the orcs race, so if any other mod also changes the OrcRace while retaining its vanilla setting regarding female behaviour file, and that mod is loaded AFTER this mod, then orc females will still move like men.
(See the readme for list of affected NPC records)