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BHUNP Bodyslide files for SirRumple's standalone Daedric Armor sets. Sanctioned by SirRumple

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SirRumple created some fantastic armor sets, but being a BHUNP user, I wanted to make a conversion so I could enjoy them too! After creating the conversion, I wanted to share them with the mod community and join those who have converted/created so many great BHUNP outfits! Feel Free to send me your photos and Ill do my best to add them all to the mod page!

Hope you enjoy!

1. Download BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE and BodySlide and Outfit Studio

2. Download the following STANDALONE armor sets made by SirRumple:

-Blue Frost Daedric set

-Crimson Blood Daedric Knight set
-Pink Bubblegum Daedric Set
-Midnight Daedric set

-Venomous Green Daedric set

3. Install all above mods

4. Run Bodyslide and build the armors

5. Enjoy!

Optional: Download and install AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer

Credit to SirRumple for the armor sets, Osnius and Caliente for BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE  (uploaded on Nexus by factoryclosed) and BodySlide and Outfit Studio (uploaded on Nexus by ousnius), and towawot for AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer