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This is a personal modification i made for the Daedric armor and weapons in my game. I made it for either a Fire based Character or a Daedric Vampire. People seem to like it so i decided to share.

Permissions and credits
This is the Crimson Blood Daedric Knight set. It includes all Daedric Weapons and armor. There are 2 versions available

Replacer - It overwrites the Vanilla Daedric set

Standalone - This adds a new set of Crimson Blood Daedric Knight set Armor and Weapons to the game. It also comes with a Crown in case you want to see your character's face. It can be crafted with the same skill requirements as Daedric equipment. It is a little lighter and stronger than standard Daedric gear. This set was intended for evil characters so it requires an extra ingredient to forge that you would not collect if you are a good guy.

The female armor is CBBE and comes with High Heels so you will need a mod that allows that for them to work properly. I suggest Racemenu High Heels. (

As of version 1.3, I included the meshes to support dual Sheath (such as Ecotone Dual Sheath)

Plugin is flagged as an esl so it wont take any room in your load order.