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This is a personal modification i made for the Daedric armor and weapons in my game. I used it for a Frost based Character back in the day when i was playing on LE. I converted it to SSE and tweaked it a little. People seem to like it so i decided to share.

Permissions and credits
This is the Daedric Blue Frost set. It includes all Daedric Weapons and armor. There are 2 versions available

Replacer - It overwrites the Vanilla Daedric set

Standalone - This adds a new set of Daedric Blue Frost Armor and Weapons to the game. It also comes with a Crown in case you want to see your character's face. It can be crafted with the same skill requirements as Daedric equipment. It is a little lighter and stronger than standard Daedric gear but requires an extra Ingredient.

The female armor is CBBE and comes with High Heels so you will need a mod that allows that for them to work properly. I suggest Racemenu High Heels. (

As of version 1.5, I included the meshes to support dual Sheath (such as Ecotone Dual Sheath)

Plugin is flagged as an esl so it wont take any room in your load order.