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Trollpacka is a small but detailed house in the swamps. Fitting for witches, alchemists, druids or anyone who just likes the style!

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

Trollpacka is a small (yet not cramped) house in Hjaalmarch hold. It has its own map marker, but you have to discover it before you can fast travel there. Like any other house mod, it will have minor issues with landscape mods. My dear screenarcher Sarah used Enhanced Landscapes in the screenshots, she just disabled the trees colliding with the house using the console.

Lovely video by Febrith! I've already fixed some textures issues you can spot on the review

Please read so you don’t miss anything!
Even though the house is “witch-themed”, it comes with everything you need! Here a list of its features:
  • It comes with the main house, an enchanted tower, a crafting room for weapons and armors accessible from outdoor. I couldn’t create the enchanted tower in the same main house cell since there were too many flickering lights, so be patient with one loading door (but it is fast and pretty to look at).
  • No special things to do to obtain it, I am not able tocreate quests :(
  • Day/night circle, both indoor and outdoor!
  • All the basic crafting stations included, everyone can use the house, witches or not!
  • There's also a disenchanter. It only works with items you have enchanted, so it doesn't work with stuff enchanted by default. The station looks like storage, but all you have to do is dropping your enchanted weapon in there and it will immediately give it back without enchantement anymore!
  • A lot of custom storage! Some of it is “linked”, it means that specific storage can be accessible in different parts of the house.
    In other words, linked chests share the same items you drop in them, no matter in which cell you are.
  • There are no mannequins or weapon displays. Also no treasure room where you can display your special items, I am sorry but it's my first mod and I have no idea how to create it. But there is a dedicated chest for special and unique items.
  • All clutter is static!
  • Some clickable stuff: cooking pot on/off; bathroom water on/off; dining table on/off and an activable bed for one follower, upstair.
  • You can also sit on your bed and it gives a well rested bonus after sleeping. The sentence " you are well rested" won't show on the screen after you wake up, but if you check your active effects it's included in the list :)
  • Two witch shrines with boost. One standing stone outdoor (magika boost) and one in the enchanted tower that should give alchemy and enchanting boost, but somehow enchanting one doesn't seem to work in Oldrim version.
  • Navmeshed, your followers will follow you in the main house and enchanted tower, but not in the crafting room (it is too small to fit more than one person).
  • Two cuties live there with you, protecting the house while you are away. You cannot interact with them but I left "talk
    to" just to show their names :)
  • Planters, both inside and outside! Do not pick any pre-planted ingredient inside the house, they won't respawn! Only the ingredients you plant will grow and respawn.
  • Custom textures created by some amazing artists here on Nexus who gave me their permission. Please let me know if you encounter any texture bug.


A big thank you to my wonderful testers Sarah and Febrith. Sarah kindly took all the screenshots you see in the image section!


A lot of amazing and talented artists on Nexus gave me their permissions to use some of their works:
32cm and Ciathyza


Lolicept and for the cooking pot inspiration
Quilb and MisterBanana17
Syncing and DavidJCobb
The Funktasm for her Morrowind Clutter Resource, now hidden on Nexus
Elianora, also for the note chest idea and for the climber Tamira retexture
Stroti and Tamira
Mr_Siika ported by Tamira
The Fuzzy Physics Institute
AppleofEden, I didn’t include her mod in mine, but she was my inspiration and I took it as a reference to learn how to create the sparkle effects on mushrooms. Please, if you would love to have mushroom followers download her mod!
Also, my SSE CK had included by default the resources from “Saints and Seducers” mod available on Creation Club (I just used a mushroom tree).


The tracks used created by these two amazing artists are under Creative Common License
Alexander Nakarada

As you can see I used a loooot of resources, it was hard to keep track of all of them, so please, if I missed someone from the list, send me a PM and I will correct my mistake! Thank you!

I am sorry the file size is too big for such a small house, but I used a lot of textures crafted by amazing creators. I have already tried to optimize everything to reduce the file size and this is the best I can do. I don’t want to compromise the overall visual quality even further.
Please, do not ask me to add or remove stuff, I made the house for myself and I spent too much time working on it already. Of course I will try to fix any problem, bug or things I haven’t done correcly!
I would love to see your screenshots, upload them if you want! They bring me joy.

If you are here it means you were so brave to read the entire description page, so thank you a lot!