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Provides supplemental textures to improve the visual quality for Tamriel Reloaded HD.

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From Tamriel with love ...

This texture pack's purpose is to provide vastly improved normal- and parallax maps for most of  Tamriel Reloaded HD's textures. It also provides several completely new diffuse maps in cases where the original diffuse maps are of inferior quality. When diffuse maps have been replaced I tried to keep their look close to the original.

This is a work in progress! The first release provides improvements for almost all Whiterun textures included in TRHD and several improvements for Farmhouse textures. I will update this mod with new, improved maps for the remaining areas and landscapes whenever I see fit.

Most of the included maps are in 2k, unless the original had a lower resolution and was used in places were a 2k map would not make much sense.

To see the detail in the difference of texture quality please maximize your browser window and check the before/after images at full size.


 Tamriel Reloaded HD


  • Download and install the Tamriel Reloaded HD main file FULL from above link and install it.
  • Install any additional options from the mod's download page. NOTE: I recommend NOT TO use the 4k optional textures as these are just upscaled 2k textures and don't provide any quality improvement. They will just waste more of your VRAM.
  • Download and install Tamriel Reloaded HD Plus.
  • Enjoy glorious graphics!


Tamriel Reloaded HD looks great but I was let down that many of the included textures have a sub-par normal map and some of the textures are of a very poor quality so I decided to create this upgrade pack which will improve the shortcomings of the original.


To 32cm for the original Tamriel Reloaded HD.

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ENB used on screenshots:
Rudy ENB 4.2 for Vivid Weathers (with DoF files from RealVision ENB)

Other noteworthy mods used:
The Pines of Whiterun
CL's Barrels and Crates


A quality mod by Ciathyza, made with enthusiasm and professionalism.
100% forever free.
100% always available.
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