Skyrim Special Edition

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Your useless, fat, stupid disappointment of a son will follow you around causing trouble, bringing a new level of realism, depth and challenge to the Skyrim parenting experience.

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Introducing your son Rufus - a very different kind of follower.

Eleven years ago, a brief and ill-advised romance resulted in the "happy accident" that is your son Rufus.
It's been a couple years since you saw the boy, but you'll find he's just the way you remember him...
A fat little idiot that gets himself, and you, into all kinds of trouble.
You can scarcely believe he's yours, but now fate has brought him back into your life.
Your jerk of an ex is nowhere to be found, so now Rufus will be your problem for a while.

This mod adds a unique child follower who unlocks after a short intro quest.
This quest can be enabled by pulling a lever behind Honningbrew Meadery.
A woman will approach from across a nearby bridge and tell you where to find Rufus.

Until you pull that lever, Rufus will not exist in your game world, so you don't need to worry
about the contents of this mod interfering with a normal playthrough.

Be warned:
Once Rufus is unleashed upon your game, there's no getting rid of him, ever.
And he's just the worst!

Rufus boasts over 100 unique lines of stupid dialogue, using cleverly edited vanilla lines!
Rufus follows you everywhere, all the time, whether you want him to or not.
Rufus will be your friend to the end, unless you uninstall the mod. (He can't even be console disabled.)
Rufus can't be hurt or killed, but he ragdolls and goes flying any time he's hit.
Rufus is clumsy, and will sometimes trip and tumble to the ground when running.
Rufus has all the normal follower command dialogue, but he is NOT a good listener!
Rufus can be dismissed or told to wait... but not for long. He'll be back.
Rufus never changes his clothes, and will never equip any items you give to him.
Rufus wields a beat-up wooden sword, and probably can't be trusted with a real weapon.
Rufus is likely to misplace anything you give him. (He can't carry much anyway.)
Rufus will set off traps, wave a torch around, make too much noise, and otherwise give away your position.
Rufus will start fights at random with bandits, monsters, and small animals.
Rufus will annoy you when idle by humming tunelessly and playing with his doll.
Rufus will sleep peacefully through the night while in a player home. (This one's not too bad.)
Rufus can be briefly "babysat" by any NPC who considers you a friend, if you really need to ditch him for a minute. 
Rufus is nothing but a pain in your ass, but he's your son and you love him.

Rufus's body and outfit use heavily modified resources from RS Children Overhaul by Ranaline.
Rufus's hair is modified from Hepsy Hair by Hepsy and Ryoso. (Previously misattributed, sorry!)
Other NPC's in the mod make use of KS Hairdos by Kalilies and Stealthic.
Skeleton file in v1.0b+ based on XPMSE by Groovtama.
Other unique assets modified from vanilla resources by me.

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