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A UI add-on to display some combat related avs with FISS support.

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Player Combat Parameters(PCP)

I was qa-ing a mod I was working on and got sick of having to equip, fight, and check some avs through console commands. I got so sick of it that I decided to build some widgets to display the info I needed to see in real time. I got sick of flash too but managed to stomach it and finish. 

Update 10/16: This mod has a party version here PCP2

This mod will display the following parameters.(You can turn on/off whichever ones you want to see in the MCM)

  • Attack Speed
  • Movement Speed
  • Magicka/Stamina/Health regeneration per second
  • Armor rating
  • Fire/Frost/Shock/Poison/Magic Resist
  • Critical chance
  • Damage Reduction (%) based on armor rating

Fiss comes supported out the box so you dont have to reconfigure positions every new game.


Should be compatible with everything because it only adds.

  • Creatoxx for Widget Mod and the widget tutorial. I seriously bastardized the hell out of his stuff and mcm to make this.
  • trawzified for feedback on design and figma help
  • Fuzzles for feedback on design and helping troubleshoot display issues
  • Noggog for feedback on design

Also additional credits as some of the icons are modified versions of free resources:
Round Icons
Nikita Golubev
Smash icons
Lorc Blog for the Crit Iconlightning, ice, move/attack speed, magic resist licensed under CC
Delapouite for the Crit, Lungs, and Armor Icons.
Carl Olsen for the flame icon.
DarkZaitzev for the poison icon.
ZeroMancer for the health icon.
PsychoSteve for the icons included in the sky-ui preset

I've also uploaded the flash source in case you want to make your own modifications.
Update: source is heavily out of date. I will post a link to its repository in the next couple of days after reshuffling.