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A mod to show various information on HUD via widgets.

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Widget Mod

End of support note: 13.05.2020
I moved on to new Modding grounds. Expanded Controls is my current UI focus. Widget Mod will get no further updates. At one point the new UI plans will cumulate into a complete UI Overhaul based on SkyUI. For this I have to build from scratch. I uploaded the .fla and .as source, so anyone can move on from here at will. See you around.



SSE, SkyUI, and SKSE.

How to install:

I recommend using Mod Organizer 2. Should be self explaining.


1. existing savegame safe?

I think so. Go figure.

2. can I use in any of my mods?

Sure. If you want access to the flash source, contact me.

3. No more FISS?

Nope...the port is broken. There may be Papyrus Utils support in future updates.


A Widget Mod. Why you ask? Well primarly because I can...finally. It imports various widgets to display diverse information on your HUD for convenience reasons, so you don't need to enter any menus.

Player related Widgets are: Number of arrows in your inventory/currently equipped and the name of the ammo type. A Gold counter showing Gold in your inventory. A widget to display your carry weight/inventory weight. A global and regional bounty counter. A Widget to show Player level, experience points needed for current level, and expereince points you already have for current level. A speed/jump height/max. fall depth Widget, which probably only has relevance if you are using progressive speed/jump height aka Athletics&Acrobatics Mods. A equipment counter shwing lockpicks and torches, which also shows string based info on equipped items(left, right, shout/power), and a Widget to show current light level making it easier to determine when you are walking in the shadows. A attribute widget showing player heal, stamina and magicka regeneration rate, as well as health, stamina and magicka in numeric values. There's a text based Widget that shows, by name, which items you have hotkeyed. And a small star like icon that will show you if an actor is essential.

Not Player related Widgets: There's a widget for owned horse (doesn't work for stolen horses), that shows you health, stamina, distance (in meters) and name of the horse. Another widget adds support for one follower, showing health, stamina, magicks, level, distance(in meters) and name of the follower.

Configuration: Widgets can be turned off/on in MCM menu and readjusted as pleased. You can change their position, size and transparency. There's also an option to adjust the interval of the update timer, to make it less of a burden for slow systems. This Mod makes extensive use of .as & .fla code provided to us by Team SkyUI. So ALL credits go effectively to them. I'm just taking up the code they gave to us to play with it.

New features: hotkey to turn on/off all widgets, including any vanilla, and any custom mod imported widget. Effectively this will turn off anything but menu based items from your HUD. There is also a MCM toggle option, do turn all widgets back on, when pressing the unsheath/sheath key.

Known Bugs:

- none that I'm aware of at the moment, please report any bug you notice


- It's compatible with everything.

Credits and Thanks:

In this case I'll have to thank Bethesda, the Creation Kit Wiki guys and the official forum guys and especially the whole SkyUI-Team, specifically @Schlangster, @psychosteve and @Mardoxx which granted us the gift of cracking the Skyrim UI code open. Thanks to SKSE-Team as well. You guys rock!


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