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Let's Cunny's Better Volkihar Secret Entrance and Iconic's Moon Crest Retexture work together.

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I never payed much mind to the the Moondial in Castle Volkihar's courtyard, until I heard Serana say when asking her What's so special about the moondial?

"Well, as far as I'm aware it's the only one in existence. The previous owners of the castle had a sundial in the courtyard, and obviously that didn't appeal to my mother. She persuaded an elven artisan to make some improvements. You can see the plates that show the phases of the moons, Masser and Secunda."

It didn't look Elven to me, infact the texture I had at the time made the stone look more like rock, giving it a Ancient Nordic feel, defiantly not Elven.

A quick search on the nexxus turned up just the right mod, Cunny's Better Volkihar Secret Entrance. It turned the stone parts into a bronze color metal, similar in tone to aMidianBorn's Thalmorized Elven armor, which I also use. Perfect!!!

InonicDeath's Retexture of the Moon Crest covers the parts of Moondial Cunny's Mod doesn't really do all that much with. So why not both???

Well both include meshes linked to their own textures, using Iconic's meshes totally overrides Cunny's mod. Using Cunny's meshes makes the 3 player placed moon crests Iconic's until placed at which point they switch to Cunny's. No problem I'll just drop Cunny's textures into Iconic's folder and done!!!!

Not really Iconic's meshes don't have the texture paths to use Cunny's environmental map, and the bronze color metal is shining Blue?? Time to get out the caveman club and do some smashing!!

Requirements -

Better Volkihar Secret Entrance by Cunny1975

Iconic's Moon Crest Retexture by IconicDeath

Installation - 

Install both of the required mods(order doesn't matter).

Only option in Iconic's FMOD that matters is weather you want 2k or 4k Moon Crest textures

Install Cunny's Elven or Ebony version.

Install the version of this mod that matches Cunny's and place it below both.

I also use :

Skyrim Remastered - Castle Volkihar and Clutter by gochargers2156

which must be placed above all 3, if you want to use all that mods clutter.

Uninstall - 

Click remove mod, all mods only use textures and meshes.

Safe to install and uninstall at any time.

Credits -

Better Volkihar Secret Entrance by Cunny1975

Thanks for making the Moondial truly Elven, and your many other mods.

Iconic's Moon Crest Retexture by IconicDeath

Thanks for the awesome Moon crest rework and your many other mods. All credit goes to them, because I would have never figured out all the glowy bits!

Tools Used-

3 Brain cells I have left.
2 sausage fingers to press keys one by one.
Mod Organizer 2 because it has an idiot light and tells me what I did wrong. because MO2 auto installed it.
7-zip because it turns one boring file into alot of little exciting files and put everything back.
BAE because those BSA files are a hard thing to crack.
NifSkope because I see it listed in all the good modders, mod pages.
My caveman club to smash stuff that upsets me.
Lots of Coca-cola ( not sponsored, but hit your boy up )!