aMidianBorn Elven Armor by CaBaL
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Added: 27/08/2012 - 12:14AM
Updated: 08/09/2012 - 06:01PM

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Last updated at 18:01, 8 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 0:14, 27 Aug 2012

Distribution permission: This file is a Nexus-exclusive-release,
please respect my decision and
DO NOT reupload it elsewhere....
I did not give, or want to give permission for any kind of reupload.

this mod is now under re-construction a new version will be uploaded when ready.
if anyone want to use these textures in new mods ON NEXUS is free to use them (v1) as long as credit for my work is given...a private message to let me know projects using my work is also really appreciated,but not crucial .

this is just to be clear.

the mod:

High Resolution Texture-Replacer for elven set

] *** male and female retexture each set with its own details

*** 2 version available: a dark one and a vanilla color like,chose just one

*** Anything as usual has been redone from scratch

*** Textures have same resolution as the official dlc pack(2k Chestplates 1k helmet gloves boots)
any pc configuration should be able to handle it without noticeable fps loss.

*** this work should be compatible with anything, including mods that are using parts of elven armor.

*** INSTALLATION: to install just drop the "textures-folder" inside your data-folder or use mod manager.
list of ... not kidding

here u can find a fresh surprise that i particularry appreciate, a set of retextured weapons that perfectly match armor style for both golden and dark version....really and i mean really recommended (do not forget to endorse)

here is also a mod that allow you to use both texture option ...recomended again ...
kudos to richiedagger for his work

here you can find a very recomended meshes replacer for armor (with masked helmet) and dark texture repleacer for weapons... just install my textures after it.
kudos to Shodan44 for the great ideas


dante the divine comedy ,consorzio suonatori indipendenti C.S.I., tyson-holifield ,my 27 dogs.

thanks :

WilloW.... for being the incredible modder and awesome person she is

sorry if i'm forgetting some one.
you have all my gratitude...nothing in my work would be so good (if good it is) without your help & advices

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