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Turns all Standing Stone powers into passive bonuses. Stones that already had passive bonuses have been changed in favor of balance. Vanilla friendly and none of the stones I would consider to be overpowered. Took inspiration from TES3: Morrowind Birthsigns and TES4: Oblivion Birthsigns and Doom Stones.

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Standing Stone stats are in the Docs tab.

All Standing Stones are changed in some way or another in ways that I felt matched the vanilla balance and feel of Skyrim, but doesn't make the new passive abilities useless. I personally tend to favor passive bonuses over powers almost 100% of the time because powers tend to feel to cheesy and I often forget that I have them.

I changed the names of the abilities from "The <Sign> Stone" to their old names from Morrowind and Oblivion and made the displays unique for each stone instead of the generic MagicHatMarker that you would normally see. Messages and loading screens have also been adjusted to reflect the changes but you'll still be able to see what Sign you are under by reading it's ability description.

I think this mod will play well with pretty much any mod list, but it was made to fit with vanilla Skyrim.

Also that's not my screenshot, I just grabbed it from google images, so whoever took it I hope you're not mad at me for using it until I make one myself that's on par with yours. :)

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