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40+ new animations to enhance your first person combat experience. New unique animations for katana style weapons and daggers. No Nemesis or FNIS patch required.

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THIS MOD HAS BEEN SUPERCEDED BY MY NEW 2.0 UPDATE. I'll leave this page up for a bit if you like these animations more. 


THIS MOD HAS BEEN SUPERCEDED BY MY NEW 2.0 UPDATE. I'll leave this page up for a bit if you like these animations more. 


Let's face it. Vanilla Skyrim Combat is's trash. You can barely tell what you're hitting and every single one handed weapon swung the same way. Who would swing an axe the same way they swing a dagger? I say NO MORE MY DUDES AND DUDETTES.  

Disclaimer: I am more of an artist than I am programmer. Some things don't work exactly the way I want to because my limited technical knowledge. This is my first mod and I have never used any modding tools and I have never learned how to use Blender or AutoDesk Maya. I learned all of that just to make this mod. I used tools provided to me to the best of my ability and I hope that's enough. Thank you :)

Welcome to First Person Combat Animations Overhaul.

Showcase video showing off the animations and explaining everything. If the video is too long then reading mod page is just fine

Thanks to the Dynamic Animation Replacer, we can have custom animations for every single different weapon type in the game recognized by the vanilla system. 
This mod only changes vanilla animations and does not contain any custom animations so FNIS or Nemesis is not required. 

Weapons will feel chunkier, swords will slice and cut, axes will hack, maces will crush, and daggers will stab. NO MORE OF THE SAME. This mod also matches the vanilla timing so you don't have to relearn your weapons. 

This mod currently supports:

  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Maces
  • Dagger
  • Dual Daggers
  • Katana Style weapons

Currently supported Katanas
  • All vanilla katanas (Dragonbane, Harkon's Sword etc...)
  • Immersive Weapons katanas

Currently not supported:
  • Great weapons
  • Staffs
  • Bows
  • Magic (There is already a great mod for this)

Installation and Requirements:

  1. Dynamic Animation Replacer is hard requirement for this mod. Like hard. Harder than me when I see Chun-Li in her Interpol outfit. So please download DAR and all it's requirements.
  2. Download my mod with Vortex/Mod Organizer and install.
  3. That's it. No Nemesis or FNIS required
  4. This mod also has no ESP or ESL

  • Tested this mod in LE with a couple of key mods and also tested in my 250+ mod SSE Lvl 30 save file. No problems. 
  • Nemesis/FNIS - currently no issues. My mod should be fine with Nemesis unless you have a mod that also modifies the same files as my mod AND it requires Nemesis. If so, then Nemesis/FNIS-based animations will take priority. As of right now there not many mods that modify first person combat, so I wouldn't worry about it. 
  • Combat Gameplay Overhaul - As of right now it is compatible. I understand that CGO changes a few great weapon animations for 1st person, so I have not touch those for this specific reason. Maybe in the future, I will do it for people that don't use CGO. 
  • Improved Camera - 100% compatible.
  • Finally First Person Magic Animation - Compatible. Changes completely different animations so no conflict. This mod was a big inspiration for me.
  • Other 3rd person animations mods - Compatible. Those animations are independent from 1st person.
  • Enhanced 1st Person Parry Animations - Compatible. I did not change any of the same files.
  • Joy of Perspective - is NOT compatible. That mod makes use of your 3rd person arms instead. It's harmless but you just wont see my animations. 
  • I used Dynamic Animation Replacer priority numbers 777-782. If you are using other DAR mods, please check if you have any other mods that also use the same numbers. if they do, the mods will conflict with each other. 

Known Issues and FAQ:
  1. "my attack right is unchanged/not working?" - this is not a bug. I have left 1hm_attackright.hkx unchanged. I could not apply a new animation to this file without encountering some serious issues. Mainly, the attackright would just loop over and over again and would not proceed to the next attack animation. If someone can help me solve this issue, then I will include attack right as well. I even have some animations made for that already. This my biggest problem right now.  Problem has been solved. New right attacks for every weapon will be included in the next update.
  2. "I get weird animations during my power attacks. sometimes my arms teleport into position or  I attack twice" - this is also not a bug. This is a vanilla feature. When you hold down a button for your power attack, Skyrim will always play the first few frames of your attackright or attackrightdiagonal animation before your power attack recognition kicks in. Todd did this, not me. It just works, bro. 
  3. "when I sheath my dual daggers, there is a pause then I re-equip my weapon?" - this one is on me. I don't know why this is happening but you can just stand still and sheath then everything will be fine. I currently have no fix for this. 
  4. "my weapon is using vanilla animation and/or using the wrong animations!" - your weapon is either not recognized by the vanilla system or your custom weapon is not supported by my mod. This is mainly applicable to the katana animations, which I have to manually add your custom weapon to my katana's  _condition.txt for DAR or you can do it yourself. check supported list above.
  5. "there are no sneak attack animations" - intentional. The animation is currently buggy but I may be able to fix this in the future. It is not included for this reason. 
  6. "there are no side power attacks" - intentional. I never really used these attacks because it's ridiculously wonky to aim with them. Despite that, it is an empty unused slot for customization and I may work on something for the future.
  7. "these animations suck, they are not even realistic at all" - this one is also on me, but I have heard that ALT+F4 is a great solution to this problem
  8. "my attack right has the same camera sway/wobble as vanilla. It's very distracting" - I agree. Like I said before 1hm_attackright.hkx is unchanged. So I used my mod in conjunction with another mod called Motion Sickness Be Gone. I ONLY use his 1hm_attackright.hkx file. Since, it did not make that specific animation, I feel that it is not my right to re-upload their mod merged with my mod. I'm sure this is against Nexus's policy anyways. This will be a temporary solution to the inconsistent wobble and camera sway. So go to their mod page and download the mod manually and I'll teach you how to merge his mod with my mod. [see spoiler] I apologize for this and I hope I can figure out how to get attack right working.  Problem solved. New right attacks for every weapon will be included in the next update.

If you have a problem or conflict with another mod, tell me about it in detail and I'll try to replicate the problem and fix it to the best of my abilities.

Recommended Mods to improve your first person combat experience:

What I would like to work on in the future if this mod gains traction:

  • Greatsword and Warhammer Animations
  • Sword + Shield Unique Animations
  • Unique Sheath and Unsheathe Animations for every weapon
  • Scimitars???
  • Staff Animations
  • Bow, but maybe, maybe not.
  • Block Idles
  • Sprinting power attacks.

Tools I used to make this mod:
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer <3
  • Animation Tools and Rig by Tktk <3
  • 1st Person Rig extension provided by Konrad on Skyrim Animators Discord<3
  • hkanno
  • Skyrim Behavior Tool
  • Creation Kit by Bethesda
  • Blender

Thank you to the community and all the mod authors I leeched off of before I decided to make my own mod. Making a mod has only made me more appreciative of all mod authors and everything they do.

Thanks to Hodd Toward as well.

Super special shout outs to Bandit Marauder base ID 003deb6 for letting me clap his cheeks for 2 weeks straight. RIP x1000. Pour one out for him.