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I took the mod from old skyrim and made some changes to visualize better the Favorites Menú. Optimized for my other mods, although it can be used with Vanilla names.

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This mod won't be updated since the author is not supporting it anymore.


Although this Custom Favorites Menu is optimized to work with my Sorting mods, it can work with Vanilla names, but from time to time you will find objects on "Other" category because it won't find a match for the items.

So, i am uploading 
favmenumodder's  creation Customized Favorites Menu plus my Custom Configuration for it in order to help other people to make their personal menus as they wish. The config files are easy to follow.

The default config file was configured for a resolution of 1920 x 1080. You can use ctrl + w/s/left/right to move the menu up/down/left/right 5 pixels. Hold ctrl+shift to move by 1 pixel. Unfortunately, you won't be able to save the file on the go, because it requires SKSE. You have to manually open the favoritesmenu.cfg file and save it.

You can adjust these values on the favoritesmenu.cfg file to match your resolution.
menu_base_x = -15
menu_base_y = -693
default_list_entry_height = 28default_num_list_entries = 11

You can also assign Equip Sets. Equip sets allow you to specify a set of equipment to equip all at once. Unfortunately, the original mod used SKSE to save this on the fly; since we don't have SKSE, we will have to manually edit the favoritesmenu_eqiupsets.cfg file. I made some presets, so you can figure it out how to add yours.

Note that the equip sets that come with the default configuration are very generic, so they may not work very well for you. See the config file for how to configure equip sets.

Equip sets can also have hotkeys. They can be assigned ctrl+1 through ctrl+9. The favorites menu must be open for these hotkeys to work. Equip set hotkeys are not compatible with the xbox controller.

You can fin A LOT of documentation on the original Mod's page.

As you can imagine, this and my sorting mods are only for the base game. I am still working to include all new armor and items introduced by the 3 DLCs (Dragonborn, Dawnguard and Hearthfire).


Install this via NMM, or, download it manually and drop the .SWF and the .CFG files into steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\ Data\Interface

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