Skyrim Special Edition
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About this mod

Cfg file designed with VR in mind for Custom Favorites Menu.

Permissions and credits
  • German
Custom cfg for Custom Favorites Menu. Designed for VR with centered view, bigger texts, grimmy-darkky colors.

Skills tab for skills from:

Also included:

Those are not needed but if you use them then they will go to approriate places.

VoiceAttack and VoiceMacro users can now use Equip sets that are supported by hidden menu (try to remember your voice commands OK? Or change menu_base_x = 50 if you really want to see it.)

Optional versions:

  • Minimal version with 5 tabs in one row.
  • VIS keywords.

Install with Vortex or NMM:

  1. Download and install Custom Favorites Menu.
  2. Download and install this mod.
  3. Make sure this mod is loaded after CFM.
  4. Enjoy!

Alternative Manual install:

  1. Copy this mods cfg-file to CFM's folder and overwrite the config. You know where they are.
  2. Enjoy!

To-Do: add more keywords for mods i use.