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This is a physical makeover of the follower Vala Amatius from TomTesoro's interesting The Brotherhood of Old quest and follower mod.

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The Brotherhood of Old quest mod by TomTesoro is a very interesting mod and well worth playing, but I just couldn't do much with the main NPC, Vala Amatius. She's supposed to be a potential follower and wife, but if that is the case, I really need someone who is a bit more attractive. I've therefore done a visual overhaul of the character, who I now find much more appealing.

I've uploaded two versions of the mod. The one doesn't require KS Hairdos but can't be flagged as ESL. The other requires KS Hairdos (Female version) but is flagged as ESL so it doesn't take up a slot in your load order. Use either the one file or the other, but not both.

Although I personally use CBBE and the Bijin Skin for my builds (it's what you see in the images), this mod is independent of the body type, meaning you can use whatever body type or skin you wish.

For those of you who use Flower Girls SE and VR, I've included a voice patch for Vala under the Optional Files section. Of course, you'll need to have Flower Girls SE installed to be able to use it.


Use a mod manager like Vortex or Mod Organizer 2 (the latter is my personal preference). If you absolutely have to do it manually, extract the contents of the 7-zip archive to the Data folder of your Skyrim Special Edition installation. Install either the normal file version (without KS Hairdos requirement) or the ESL-flagged version, but NOT both!

Again, use a mod manager to uninstall. Since there are no scripts, just meshes and textures, there shouldn't be any issues uninstalling during a game.