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Retexture for Legacy of the Dragonborn's Dragonmail Cuirass. Provided in 2K and 4K

Permissions and credits
"The Legendary Dragonmail Cuirass. Provides complete immunity to fire and grants a fire breath ability."

This mod provides a retexture for the Dragonmail Cuirass from Legacy of the Dragonborn (assets originally from hothtrooper44's Dragon Knight Armor). I have enhanced original diffuses by upscaling with several AI models and manually combined the results.  New normal maps and environment maps were created with Substance Alchemist's AI-powered normal map generator. Lastly, the cubemap was taken from Cathedral - Armory.

Legacy of the Dragonborn
This mod only provides edited meshes and textures. You still need LOTD.
You might be able to use this with original Dragon Knight Armor but I haven't tried.

- This mod shouldn't conflict with anything. 
- Let this mod overwrite Legacy of the Dragonborn Cleaned Textures.
- This mod provided a cubemap from Cathedral - Armory so you might see an asset conflict.

Process (In case anyone wants to read):
- Cleaned original diffuses with BCGone_Detailed
- Upscaled the results with Fallout Weapons V2 and Skyrim Misc
- Used SS Anti Alias 9x on Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures' Ebony Armor diffuse then upscaled it to get the small details
- Combined the results
- Threw the results in Substance Alchemist to get the normal maps
- Edited original meshes to have its own environment map (originally sharing with normal Ebony Armor)
- Created new environment maps.

hothtrooper44 for the original Dragon Knight Armor
icecreamassassin and LOTD team for Legacy of the Dragonborn
Kartoffels for Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures and Legacy of the Dragonborn Cleaned Textures
Alsa for bc1 sharp 3.0
Bob for Fallout Weapons V2
BlueAmulet for bc1 smooth 2.0 and SS Anti Alias 9x
Deorder for Skyrim Misc
Mutin Choler for BCGone_Detailed
Textures from