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Small visual overhaul of Aela the Huntress, Ria, and Njada Stonearm.

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This mod was requested by a patron, and as the title says it replaces the appearance of the three female warriors from the Companions. The gals use whatever skin texture and body you have installed and they are at their default weight. Warpaint options can be found in the installer.


This mod is technically incompatible with any mod that edits the same NPCs, but most NPC overhauls play nicely together out of the box. This mod is perfectly fine to merge with other non-conflicting mods if you want to save a plugin slot. 

The mod comes in a FOMOD installer so I highly recommend installing this with a mod manager of your choice. Manual installation is not recommended unless you know what you're doing. 

Q: This NPC is naked!
A: That can happen if you install this mod on an existing save due to a few NPC outfits being edited. It's easily fixed by opening the console, targeting the naked NPC and using the resetinventory command.

Q: Help, the faces are messed up/I have the blackface bug/the heads are bald!
A: Rearrange your load order, put this mod near the bottom, or reinstall. Take a look at your load order to see if any of your other mods might be incompatible with this one. Feel free to ask for help in the comments, but please save us both some time and do some troubleshooting on your own first!

Q: There is a neck gap!
A: If you install this mid playthrough on top of another mod that edits NPC weights, some NPCs will have neck gaps. You can easily solve this by clicking on the NPC via the console and typing setnpcweight XX (XX being the desired weight) followed by disable then enableExample: Ria has a neck gap. Open the console, click on Ria and type the following commands: setnpcweight 90 then disable and lastly enable.

Q: The NPCs don't look like in your pictures!
A: I get comments like this a lot, and 9/10 times it's related to the skin texture mod - or lack thereof. This mod does not come with its own skin textures, instead it will use what you have installed.

Q: Can you add/change/remove something?
A: Not unless there is an actual problem with my mod. This is my vision and I'm happy with it. I will absolutely not make any special versions for strangers on the internet. 

Q: Can I request an NPC?
A: Sorry, I don't take requests outside of patreon. If I were to do every request I get that's all I'd ever do for the rest of my life.

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Please support these amazing modders by downloading and endorsing their work!

A huge thank you to these awesome people:
Ben Henley
Michael Stovall
Riddim Garbage
Kevin Morris

and to my other patrons for their amazing support and kindness. 

Read all about my mod permissions on my profile.