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  1. Elianora
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    Since probably a lot of people will be curious about the armours. They are, in order of appearance, left to right:

    Nordic Wanderer armour
    Dragon Carved armor set
    • Warchief armour from Immersive Armors

    (Vanilla Ancient Nord armour - Ahzidal's)

    Demon Hunter armor
    • Soul Ripper armour from Warmonger Armory
    • Tribunal Robes from Immersive Armors
    • Telvanni Apprentice Robes and Shadow Warlock Hood from Warmonger Armory
  2. IceMistress91
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    So, I've downloaded, installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, went back to previous saves and more and the skeleton with the key is not showing up. I even blasted through the entire questline to defeat alduin and there still isn't a skeleton with a key. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you.
  3. Giboss
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    SSEdit found 3ITM record:
  4. Aerymar
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    This looks really well done.  I like the look and feel of the vault.
  5. Natorni
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    I'm having a ball filling these displays, but there's one tiny thing that's bothering me way more than it should: Why is Volendrung upside down? XD It seems like it'd fall pretty easily.
  6. CalvinPhelps38
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    Hello! I am a fan of all the item display creations you make. I am trying to make a house for my personal playthrough, and am having some trouble getting the elder scrolls & black books displays to work. I simply copied over other displays from creation club content and they work just fine, but there doesn't seem to be any elder scrolls displays in the cc for me to use. Any tips/help? If you can't help/it's too much to ask for, thank you anyway for your wonderful mods!
  7. hard8
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    Saints & Seducers   free creation club content in the anniversary edition update game version 1.6.353 added three new bug jars , Bliss Bug in a Jar, Green Butterfly in a Jar and Purple Butterfly in a Jar to the game any plans on adding  more room for them???  I never bought the  upgrade  so only got the four free creation club content added in the game version 1.6.353  update

  8. Lordanar1337
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    I purchased the Anniversary Edition recently and I'm glad I can enjoy a lot of your Player Homes now - Favorite: Myrwatch, I also didn't know you're a Ghost Bunny, but Dovahkiin's Vault always needs to be placed in my load order too. I would pay for a fully functional Anniversary Edition DV, it would be worth every penny. Cheers!

    - Vael
  9. Crunkless
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    What a smart way of implementing this idea. I'm really not a LOTD type of person but I do like to play immersively if possible and having a storage up on the throat of the world, absolutely makes sense. Thanks ^^
  10. ryanbossxx
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    Can you add a patch update for this mod involving all the AE CC items/artifacts to be added to the vault as well?
    1. IgnotusP
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      I would be interested in this as well
  11. jshaneduncan
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    This mod is absolutely fantastic (just like all of Elianora's mods). I have only found one issue, which has to do with the Thieves Guild item display. I had previously picked up the bust of the gray fox, model ship, and a few other items from the shelf in the Thieves Guild. When I try to place them on the shelf, they activate, but they are below the shelf, so the shelf basically cuts the items in half. I wasn't sure if anyone had run into this issue before. Seriously though. You are extremely talented and your eye for detail amazes me. You breathe life into this 10-year old game and I applaud you for it.