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New heavy armor set

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Original mod made by: hideto84
Mod page:
Permission: He gives everyone permission to make a different version. He says this in the comments on the mod page.
If you want to use the mod don't ask me ask hideto84.

Changes I made:
Added a light armor Variant with 25% less armor rating & weight
Updated meshes to work with the Special Edition

Dragon Carved Armor Set 1.41 - Cuirass, Cuirass without Pauldron, Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots, Shield, 1 hand sword, Great Sword. (Heavy)
(I added a light armor version same look just 25% less armor and weight)

There are 2 cuirasses. Check image.

Temper condition changed
Armors - Arcane BlackSmith -> Advanced Armor
Female cuirass was changed little bit. 

Special Thanks

You can craft in steel tap. 

Armors - Advanced Armors
Weapons - Steel Smithing

Armors - Advanced Armors
There are no Cloaks in this mod. But, I designed with [Winter is coming by nivea] in mind.
It's not required, but I strongly recommend WIC for shape.

Basically small things are 2k, only Cuirass is 4k. That's not light.