Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

This mod retextures the dragonpriest masks, staves, dagger, and the dragonpriests themselves as well as miraak's outfit and Solstheim's dragonpriests and masks.

Permissions and credits
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DragonPriest Retexture - SE

All of it was made from scratch except the dragonpriest creatures and miraak's outfit, i used Kartoffel's Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures mod along with different Ai upscales tools to retain some vanilla details i couldn't make on my own for those things.

=>Available in 4K/2K/1K.
=>2 textures options for the staves and dagger.
=>DSR/ALLGUD meshes included.
=>Everything's in a Fomod so you can pick what you want and don't want :)

-JonnyWang13 for his cubemaps.
-Kartoffel for her cleaned vanilla textures and cubemap mods.
-SirPuggy for making me a few cubemaps i can work with, thank you friend !