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This mod adds a female only light armor set of Ryder's Dragonfly Robes with cloak and hood.

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The distant mountains
Are reflected in the eye
Of the dragonfly

--Kobayashi Issa 1763-1828

Quick, nimble, precise and deadly, Dragonflies never retreat. This is Ryder.

My goal for this mod was to make a signature armor for Ryder. One worthy of The Dragonfly herself.

The hood, hair, script to change hair color, and cloak are by others (see credits). Everything else I made, and you are free to use any of my work. Just give me a credit!


***There is both a sleeved and a sleeveless robe.

***This is not craftable, but is upgradable with Dragonscale stats. The Set can be found at the entrance of Riverwood. From where you spawn from fast travel, turn right to the fire. Ryder's Stash is loacted on the hill behind the fire next to the fallen tree (fire side).

Because of some terrain mods, I added "Ryder's Backup Stash" in Dragonsreach. Go up to the right hand (as you enter the Great Hall) balcony and go all the way to the end.

***There are two versions of the hood: A Basic hood and one that includes hair (from KS Hairdos: renewal). This includes SydneyB's Script which changes the hair color to match your character's. From SydneyB's notes: It is managed through scripts that require SKSE version 1.6.16 or higher. The scripts work for vanilla hair colours and custom hair colours added by the RaceMenu mod.

Note that if you already have Princes of the Woods installed, you do not need to overwrite any of the files, and if you do it won't cause an issue.

***There are also two versions of this mod. The only difference is that "Ryder's Version" has the robe texture uncompressed. The dark green is a suede texture, and while it doesn't look bad compressed, I just thought it looked better uncompressed. That is the version I'm running and I do everything on a laptop. I have no issues, but of course, your mileage may vary.

***Known Issues***
Bone Weighting. I'm just not good at it. I did my best, but it's still not "quite right". If anyone wants to take pity on me and give it a go, I'd be thankful.

The Hood. I used a straight up copy of the Greybeard hood from the Skyrim.bsa. There's something going on with the hood around the shoulders. It looks like a weighting issue, and I only make it worse, so it's "as is".

Less of an issue and more of an acknowledgement. I realize that the boots (and gloves really) aren't quite on par with the quality of the robes texture-wise. I tried to retexture them, but I couldn't replicate the vibe and mojo that those have. It's good enough for Ryder, so it's good enough for me.

NMM- Download, activate and enjoy.
Manual- Download, unzip, and copy the contents into the main Skyrim Folder.
NMM- Right click>Uninstall or delete>Delete mod permanently and uninstall.

Manual- Delete the Ryder_the_Dragonfly.esp and the Dragonfly folders in Meshes/Armor and Textures/Armor

SydneyB- One of my favorite modders, and my "go to" when trying to figure something out. I used her hair change color script from Princes of the Woods:

Niknoodles for cloaks of Skyrim:
How do you not have this installed?

Kalilies and Stealthic for the Hair from KS Hairdos-Renewel:
There are so many stellar hair mods out there that is was tough to choose a hair for the hood. This is a fantastic hair mod.

Bethesda for the Greybeard Hood and making a fantastic game that is so moddable.

Nexus. 'nuff said

The Nexus Community. Incredibly supportive and encouraging. Even when I feel like an idiot and have no clue of what I'm doing.