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Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold V4 (2013) textures converted into a simple texture replacer for vanilla mage robes. Includes 2K and 4K AI-upscaled versions of all colors. Also includes Archmage and Necromancer textures.

Permissions and credits
You are viewing the SSE version of this mod. For the LE version, go to this link instead.

Opulent Outfits by Babooncru / MangoMonkey (both the LE Original and updated SSE Version) introduce a lot of visual interest to Skyrim's mage robes, including adding distinctive colors and patterns for every school of magic. It's definitely an impressive and well-beloved mod.

But it's also a mod that does a lot of stuff. Sometimes, that stuff doesn't interact well with other mods. Sometimes, you just want cool looking robe textures, and that's it.

This is that.

What is it?
A loose-file replacer for vanilla game textures based on the original 2013 Opulent Outfits textures. It covers the textures and normal maps for apprentice robes, boots, and hood; journeyman robes and boots; necromancer robes, boots, and hood; and archmage robes, boots, and hood. Colors are selectable via the FOMOD installer. Downloads include a 2K version as well as a 4K version generated by AI upscaling (SSE version employs BC7 compression straight from 4K png for maximum smoothness). So many Ks, you won't know what to do with them all.

How does it work?
Install using your mod manager of choice. Select your preferred colors for each robe type. It's just that simple.

It's literally just a texture replacer. Doesn't even have an esp. It's compatible with basically everything. That's what makes it great.
Of course, if you have other robe texture replacers active, only one is going to work. So if you want this mod to take effect, be sure to load it up after any other clothing retextures you've got.
And if you have a mod that, for some reason, fully eliminates the vanilla robes (including, ironically, Opulent Outfits), then the replacer won't be very effective.

Note on normal maps and coloration
Skyrim actually has only two basic meshes for mage robes (Apprentice and Journeyman). It uses texture swaps to create variations of each of those, and gives them different names (Novice, Adept, etc.). However, the game doesn't actually use distinct normal maps for each variant. This means that the Opulent robe patterns for robe variants may not match up with their normals, creating a slight mismatch in the embossing patterns for the robes. A bit irksome, but there's no solution I can provide based only on the 2013 Opulent Outfits files.

This is really only an issue for the Journeyman robe variants. If the pattern mismatch bothers you, just choose a single color for the Journeyman robe set (eg. choosing green for Journeyman base as well as Journeyman variant 1, or whatever). This way, there won't be any mismatch with the set normals.

Mods appearing in screenshots
Note: All screenshots were made using the SSE 4K textures, and thus may not be wholly representative of your individual experience.
Accordingly, all mods listed are SSE versions only
CBBE Muscle Solution (tomboy-2-titan body preset)
Rudy ENB for Obsidian Weathers
Cloaks of Skyrim
Immersive College of Winterhold
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
Starsight Eyes
Expressive Facegen Morphs
KS Hairdos SSE

Potentially Asked Questions
Q: What about the Opulent monk robes?
A: Those utilized a mesh that was distinct from the vanilla monk robe mesh. Accordingly, its textures are not applicable as a replacer.

Q: How are the SE and LE versions related exarctly?
A: With the exception of the Nexus site the FOMOD points you to, there's almost no difference. The LE 2K version and 4K version can still be used in SE. However, the SE 4K version uses BC7 compression and can't be used in LE. Additionally, the LE 4K version download size is about half the size of the SE version. Not sure why, but it may be because the 7zip compression method I used doesn't really know how to handle BC7 files just yet.
So, you know, use whichever you want, I suppose.

Q: What's with the huge filesize?
A: That's mostly because there are so many variations to be stored. When it's installed into your game, only a tiny fraction will actually be used, so the practical impact will be negligible.