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Players and NPCs change outfits as the weather changes or combat starts or the player enters a city or player home. Also includes check for swimming, sneaking and sleeping.

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This mod is currently BETA!
´╗┐Testers reports needed please.

Version 8beta is a partial rewrite to add more NPCs to a total of 40.  This required moving from formlists to arrays.  Any outfits stored in the exisiting version will not be recognised by the beta version.  Likewise any items in hidden containers will be lost unless recovered and the NPC reset (unmanaged) in the MCM menu.

This mod changes the player and managed NPC outfits according to changing conditions. The events that prompt an outfit change are: weather changes, combat starting, swimming, sneaking, sleeping, crafting, going indoors and entering one of the five city worldspaces.  Open Cities Skyrim users are supported by a second method in the mod for detetecting when one of the five cities is entered.
There are global options to include weapons in outfits or not, exclude jewellery from being removed, auto-change when in combat.  There are hotkeys for turning sleep changing off and to turn just the player changing off for when quests require the player wear a particular outfit.
Auto-changing can be turned off/on per character without deleting stored outfits.
Outfits consist of gear that is obtained in the game, I know similar mods provide gear, this mod does not.:(  At the moment there is only one of each kind of outfit stored per character.  If, when an outfit is changed the actor no longer has the item then the actor will be equipped with nothing in that slot.  There are MCM menu pages for ten characters plus the player.

There is an issue with player homes that have auto-stripping for bathing incl. my mod here: Diziet's Player Home Bath Undressing there is a manual outfit check hotkey for this occurrence while I try to find a solution.   For now, this mod does not activate the swimming outfit if indoors.  This is fine for the player if you have
Diziet's Player Home Bath Undressing as that mod takes note of what the player is wearing and restores it upon redressing.  Unfortunately NPCs in my other mod - and as far as I can tell, in all undressing mods - are undressed with a spell that casts 'unequipall'; when the spell is dispelled the game engine dresses the NPC according to its rules, and that might not be the same as the NPC's indoor outfit.

In making this mod I found myself vacillating between opinions about immersitivity, in the real world no-one carries 4 outfits around with them unless they have a horse, cart or very big bag; on the other hand the game lets you carry around multiple armour sets, so why not have a way to auto select them?

It is important to note that this mod is NOT a follower framework.  It has menu pages for NPCs, but they will only work to the extent that you, the gamer, can dress them in various outfits; that means using other mods to equip NPCs with particular gear.  And even then, the game engine has its own criteria for what followers and other NPCs should wear and can interfere.  I make no attempt to fiddle with the game's management of armour (see ver.0.5x note below).

The mod has some configuration options that are global to all managed characters.  In the future I may break this down to individual options if I get feedback suggesting it is worth the time. -  I have made headgear removal indoors an individual option now.

The MCM menu comes with attempts to provide language files, but some constructions of sentences that have the character's name inserted will almost certainly by grammatically wrong, not to mention that using Google Translate in the first place is hardly conducive to good translation of a video game!  Also the mod uses messageboxes and notifications in a few places, which are outside of the MCM localisation system, and so will be in English whatever.

As with all my mods, if anyone has translation input I shall add it with grateful credit.

Japanese translation file for the MCM menu provided by rolaw60 - many thanks, current as of ver
German translation file for the MCM menu provided by rore58 -
many thanks, current as of ver 0.3.5

This mod has been greatly improved by the involvement and feedback of users.  I could not have done it without you - thankyou!

step9372 has contributed revised code to the scripts and made them more robust.

Ver 0.5x - this is an attempt to provide the ability to dress NPCs that are added to the mod.  However, it does so by using a hidden chest/container for each managed NPC that stores any items that aren't being worn.  This is so to prevent the game engine from overriding the equipped outfit.  Any mod that touches NPC/Follower equipping etc WILL CONFLICT! and you should continue to use the ver 0.4x

The 0.5x series requires the following mod: UIExtensions.

Upon adding an NPC to the mod, the default outfit for the NPC is stored, a new empty default outfit given and the items in the old default outfit are now added back to the NPCs inventory.  When an NPC is removed from the mod these items are removed from the inventory if they exist and the default outfit returned to the original one.

When an NPC is added to the mod and the first outfit stored, all non worn items are placed in a hidden container for that NPC.  This means that IF YOU REMOVE THE MOD BEFORE USING THE MCM MENU TO REMOVE THE NPC THEN YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK THOSE ITEMS.
Since this is still a mod in beta, you should be careful.

This version has a hotkey to retrieve all items from the hidden container to the NPCs inventory.  Then you can initiate trade via dialogue, alternatively, hold down the hotkey for a second and the NPCs inventory opens automatically.  These items stay in the inventory until the next outfit change.

The hotkey for adding a new NPC will now also open a dialogue on already managed NPCs to choose an outfit to store, all hidden container items are placed in the inventory.  Upon selecting an outfit a menu using the mod UIExtensions
will appear which I use to fake an equipping menu.  This makes that mod a requirement.

There is now a hotkey for selecting and equipping the player using the normal player inventory menu.
The MCM menu no longer prompts to store outfits, but can be used to deselect outfits from being used.