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This is a physical makeover of the follower Jocelyn from nachtdaemmerung77's excellent Maelstrom quest and follower mod.

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The Maelstrom quest mod by nachtdaemmerung77 is an absolute fantastic mod, but the Jocelyn character just never did it for me. She's supposed to be an innocent young maiden, but the way she's made up makes her seem more like a streetwalker and doesn't quite jive with her female young eager voice type. All these factors made it much too easy for me to sacrifice the poor girl in the end. I've therefore decided to create a Jocelyn that better fits the role of an innocent maiden. 

Use a mod manager like Vortex or Mod Organizer 2 (the latter is my personal preference). If you absolutely have to do it manually, extract the contents of the 7-zip archive to the Data folder of your Skyrim Special Edition installation.

Again, use a mod manager to uninstall. Since there are no scripts, just meshes and textures, there shouldn't be any issues uninstalling during a game.

- nachtdaemmerung77, for creating the excellent Maelstrom mod.
- Kalilies and Stealthic, for creating their KS Hairdos. This mod uses hairstyle Sky201.
- rxkx22 for creating the Bijin Skin and Shiva182 for porting it to SSE
- Caliente and ousnius for Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- mod
- Red Huntress Skirt and Thigh High Boots from zzJay's Huntress Wardrobe SSE version by Sakora; CBBE BodySlide version by docteure