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Provides fixes, extra carriage and ferry services, ESL flags and other features to the wonderful Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul mod.

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This is a lightweight and simple patch I made for myself but wanted to share it with the community, for those interested. In order to use it properly you must install Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (CFTO) and overwrite it with this mod.

To install, use a Mod Manager and select the options you want. Don't do it manually.

Furthermore, it should be noted that this patch is for the v2.0 of CFTO. (currently the latest)

What This Mod Offers

  • All horses in CFTO could report you to the guards, if they witnessed a crime. On top of that they reported it to Markarth's guard even if the crime occurred in any other Hold. This has been fixed, horses will no longer snitch you.

  • Adds a carriage to Winterhold. This was originally made by this mod but it unfortunately continues with the aforementioned crimefaction issue. So if you use it already, uninstall it, and use this patch instead.

  • The Covered Carriage and Lantern add-on now cover the carriages of Hearthfire homes as well as Winterhold's carriage.

  • Optionally, you can choose these two add-ons to be ESL-flagged so that they won't count towards your plugin limit.

  • The private carriage drivers in Hearthfire homes now wear fine clothes and are equipped with higher-grade waraxes.

  • Placement improvements to the lanterns, particularly for those using WizKid Carriages' meshes.

  • The two knapsacks located on Winterhold's carriage can now be looted. Be careful though, the driver won't like it if he finds out! Similarly, knapsacks on Hearthfire carriages have been placed too, however these belong to you and can be safely used for storage.

  • Version 2.0: Added Ferryman in Volkihar Castle. He's a harmless thrall of the castle's vampires in a similar manner as the Watchman. (requested by nexusMooo)

  • Version 2.0: Changed the name of Heljarchen to Nightgate Inn. Cutting Room Floor users have the option to skip this change during installation. (requested by LeonardoTrote)

  • Version 2.0: More fixes. Added a Boss-Employee type allied relationship between the private drivers/ferrymen and the player.

  • Version 2.1: Fixed the name of Heljarchen to Nightgate Inn in Hearthfire route also. Added clutter around the Skaal Village ferryman. Small parent flags fix to a Solstheim travel destination.

  • Version 2.1: Swapped farmhouse outfits so that they are more fitting to each NPC but also to the local climate. Gave ownership to items that belong to the ferrymen.

  • Version 3.0: Added Dragon Bridge as a ferry destination. A local ferryman has also been added beneath the bridge, on the Karth River.

  • Version 3.0: Added compatibility support when using Dawnstar by Arthmoor combined with JK's Skyrim.

  • Version 3.0: Heartwood Mill's dock was made significantly smaller and moved a little so that it won't dillute the vanilla environment as much.

  • Version 3.0: All carriages now have lootable carriage knapsacks by default. This means that this mod is no longer recommended and in fact it should NOT be used simultaneously with this one.


Currently supporting: Cutting Room Floor, Dawnstar, JK's Skyrim and any possible combinations between them.
You do NOT need to download any CFTO patches for those mods, our mod here will take care of everything.

Generally speaking, if you use a mod that is incompatible with CFTO the worst it can happen is some visual discrepancies, like seeing a cart coming out of a wall. So you can just try and see if it works on your load order.


Patches and support will be provided for any mods offered in the main CFTO page or Kinaga explicitly asks me to. I will also offer full support if the additions made by this mod (namely the Winterhold carriage and the ferries in Volkihar castle and Dragon Bridge) are interfering with other mods. In all other cases such requests are considered to be outside the scope of this patch and will be rejected.

New ideas about possible locations and services will be considered; as you can see several requests have already been fulfilled and added into the mod.


WiZkiD Carriages - awesome carriage textures (you can check them in the screenshots)
HD Reworked Horses - HD lore-friendly horse textures (you can check them in the screenshots)
Critters Ain't Snitches - to ensure vanilla animals won't snitch you as well
Animated Clutter - knapsack animations


Todd Howard, our Lord and Savior.
Kinaga, for CFTO.
Ashen, my partner-in-crime.
TateTaylorUSA, for being great.