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PRANCE is a simple mod that adjusts movement speed and combat reach settings to be more consistent and have some connection to realism while keeping in mind not to make things tedious because this is a game, one where legs are your main transportation.

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Permissions and credits
I made this mod a while ago because various mods in my load order changed one or two or few things making movement speeds mismatched. This made movements inconsistent relative to each other. Since I decided to change things accordingly, I decided I'd also somewhat represent real world capability proportionally. If real life athletes can walk at x speed and run at 3x and sprint at 5x (ie), I wanted to match Skyrim with correct relative speeds. I don't mean to make speed/distance traveled in game precise. The values are similar to vanilla, but proportions are changed. I also tried to keep specific speed types in the ballpark of vanilla because some perks are based around the contrast. And of course, some subjectivity or general ignorance made me lean x vs y way.

Werebeast form, Vampire Lord form, and Horse speeds changed because they're speeds the player and npcs interact with. I based (relative) Werebeast speed on wolves and Horse speeds on horses irl. Creative license with vampires being sort of nemeses with werewolves, I gave them equal speed with Werebeasts. I left other creature speeds to be dictated by better focused creature mods.

I also cheated a bit, I used Usain Bolt's fastest speed within his fastest sprint to base sprint speeds of the creature sprints while using averages of relevant male/female world records for npc/pc run/sprint. This is because if I didn't Horse sprint would be 1000+(600 vanilla), it's instead at 840 (see text doc).

As for combat reach distances, vanilla is way off. And while there are various mods that mostly correct this, they're not to my liking and the settings here are more precise. That said, there's probably decent reason they're so off in vanilla, being 1st person view is a bit awkward: depth perception, field of view, and weapon size and position don't make things feel good. (Later edit. I'm probably overstating how bad it feels. Give it a try anyway)

A good post from dAb, mod author of Realistic Melee Range:

"Problem is, collision boxes surrounding actors are big. They made it so you can properly hit targets
in both 1st and 3rd person without the need to always go up and personal all the time when in 1st
person. 3rd person only games such as The Witcher and Dark Souls do not suffer from this because they
can afford smaller boxes without making combat weird."

That said, I obviously don't mind the clunkiness of 1st person because the knowledge of the imprecision annoys me probably more than it should and I don't play in 1st person nearly as much as 3rd person.

I also have the changes of mods like "NPCs Run and Walk at Your Pace", equalizing run/walk speeds between player and npcs. I find it has a fun slight combat benefit making npcs harder to run away from or chase down.

One "odd" change is a remnant of other goals. I changed the movement speed of melee attacking, not the animation or attack speed, per se. It's weird, noticeable, but not a big change (10% for normal attacks and 20% for power attacks). You'll know it when you try it.

There's a text document with much more detail of the changes. All changes are easily adjusted or removed. Like I said, a simple mod. At the least you have all or most movement and reach settings laid out to make your preferred changes.

Changes Generally:

Running forward is slightly slower.
Sideways movement is slightly slower than forward movement.
Sprinting is slightly faster.
Moving backward is much faster but still slower than forward/sideways movement.
Walking is much faster.
Sneaking is slightly faster.
Horses, Werebeasts, and Vampires sprint much faster. Horses faster than the latter two.
Werebeasts and Vampires move faster.
Horse walks slightly faster and runs slightly slower. Same walk/run speed as Werebeasts and Vampires.
Melee weapon contact is more visually and actually accurate.
Angles during movement slightly changed.

Some are asking for a video, here's a good video from the mod page of Speed and Reach Fixes (which you should check out, you may prefer it):

There's also a sister video showing very similar reach results to this mod (but different methods).


Load PRANCE after anything it changes so it overwrites.

If there's a very specific thing another mod needs it's very easy for anyone to make a patch for this.


Nothing special to do, just let the mod manager button do its thing.

Two versions (Both with esp and esl flagged esp) -

One with reach changes

One without, since someone brought up vr in relation to 1st person and thought, without trying it out, the reach changes wouldn't be good. If anyone who downloads this mod and plays vr could tell me whether their assumptions are true that would be great.


"How does this interact with weapon mods that have shorter/longer reach, like the Shortswords/Spears/Glaives in Heavy Armory and Animated Armory?"

 - I haven't tested, so I can't say. It's probably all relative, the settings I change are overarching reach changes, not specific to weapon or weapon type. I'd assume similar visual gaps would exist with respectively applied(1h/2h) weapons.

Since you're asking how it works with those mods I assume you use them and have a load order setup. There's no risk of adding(or removing) this mod to a current save and trying it out (and hopefully letting me know how it does).

"Will this work out of the box with CGO?"

- Again, I haven't tested and don't use it, but with what I know I see no reason they would conflict. And again, if anyone can chime in with their experience with both mods together, I would appreciate it.

"Does anyone know How well would this play with smilodon and mortal enemies?"

- I play with Mortal Enemies and Wildcat(99% the same as Smilodon) and it’s perfectly fine. It’s more about what you prefer, nothing will break whatsoever, but like I said, I made this mod partially for consistency so better to let my changes overwrite.

My Mods:

PRANCE - Proportionally Realistic Action N' Combat Extension (Movement Speed and Combat Reach changes)

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