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Fixes weak arrow shots/ arrows not firing at full power when the player has the Quick Shot perk.

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This fix is obsolete, in favor of Scrambled Bugs, which fixes this bug (amongst others) in a more performant way. You should currently only use this mod, if you are playing on Anniversary Edition (game version 1.6+), as Scrambled Bugs does not support AE yet. I will leave this mod up indefinitely, mainly as a resource for people to learn about why this glitch occurs.

Archery Quick Shot Perk Bug Fix

What does this mod do?
This mod implements a fix for a bug in the Quick Shot perk, in the Archery skill tree. Specifically, this mod fixes cases where despite drawing the bow back fully, arrows are not shot at full power.

The fix is applied automatically when you get the Quick Shot perk (or other perks which the same effect), and also whenever you load a save file. As such it should work with both new and existing characters.

SKSE - Mod doesn't work without SKSE

This mod should be compatible with most other mods, including mods that make changes to the Quick Shot perk.

The following mods have been tested to both be compatible with, and to benefit from this mod

This mod is incompatible with any mod that alters one of the following game settings:
Let me know if you know of any mods that change these settings, and I will list them here.
  • fArrowBowMinTime
  • fBowDrawTime
  • fBowHoldTimer

Certain mods also make changes that prevent the need for this bugfix:

Quick Shot bug in-depth
The description for the Quick Shot perk reads:

"Can draw a bow 30% faster."

However this is only half of what the perk actually does. In addition to the described effect, it speeds up part of the animation for drawing the bow.

The bow drawing animation consists of two parts, the nock and the draw. The nock (bringing the arrow into the bowstring) normally takes 0.8 seconds, and the draw takes 0.8667 seconds (the actual draw time is adjusted by weapon speed and the WeaponSpeedMult Actor Value).

The Quick Shot perks makes the nocking animation twice as fast, meaning that this now only takes 0.4 seconds.

The game uses two internal game settings to calculate how far the bow has been drawn back. They are fArrowBowMinTime and fBowDrawTime. These settings are 0.8000, and 1.6667 respectively. This aligns with the duration of the nocking animation, and the total duration of the entire bow drawing animation.

These settings however, are not updated when the player takes the Quick Shot perk. This results in the following discrepancies:
  1. The game starts charging the shot 0.4 seconds after the arrow is nocked
  2. The game takes up to 0.4 seconds longer than it should (depending on WeaponSpeedMult) to charge the shot

Since the vanilla Quick Shot perk increases WeaponSpeedMult by 30%, the effect of the second discrepancy is reduced by a factor of 1/1.3. However that still leaves a total difference of about 0.7 seconds. For the fastest bows in the game, that means the animation finishes when the arrow is only about 60% charged. For slower bows, the effect is less pronounced, but still present.

The end result is that despite fully drawing back the bow, the arrow will not be fired at full strength. This decreases your damage, makes the arrow trajectory unpredictable, and in some cases make it impossible to hit anything beyond short distance.

How does this mod fix the bug?
This mod runs a lightweight script that uses SKSE to modify the game settings when the player has the Quick Shot perk. Here is a basic rundown of how the script works:

  • Check if the player has the bPerkQuickDraw animation variable (this speeds up the nocking animation)
  • Check if the game settings have not already been updated
  • Depending on above checks, update game settings accordingly

This script is run whenever bPerkQuickDraw changes, and every time the player loads a save file. The reason for this is that changes to game settings are not saved, and reset when the game is closed. Running when the player loads a game ensure the fix is reapplied.

The automatic perk detection can break as a result of the Ability Condition Bug. In this case, you can manually force the fix to apply simply by saving and loading the game. A fix for this bug is available in Bug Fixes SSE.

In general, any situations where the mod doesn't work should be able to be fixed by saving and loading the game.

If this doesn't fix your problem, please report a bug with details about your setup and I will see if I can fix the problem.

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