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New and Improved! A more user-friendly, and practically foolproof version of Dynamic Random Female Idles. FOMOD Installer.

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Update 2.2
Dynamic Random Female Idles now comes with a FOMOD installer. This installer lets you choose which characters will be using the idles and writes the conditions file for you. This could potentially save hours of copy\pasting.

If you are reinstalling this mod, all previously added animations will be lost! Back up your idle animations before installing!

Thank you again to PleaseWorkMod for the new scripts, and thank you to skinnyturtlelizard for getting this update going!

For anyone interested, PleaseWorkMod's script is now open source and can be found here. I expect exciting new things to happen! 

Dynamic Random Female Idles provides an almost endless variety of idles for your female player character. If you are familiar with the original version of DRFI, there was much confusion and debate about the randomization of the idles. Thanks to the work of PleaseWorkMod, this problem has been solved. A new script has been included to completely automate the entire process. The randomized number required by Dynamic Animation Replacer is automatically generated based on priority and other math mumbo jumbo. NO THINKING REQUIRED! 

Thanks to the permission given by dualsun and HHaleyy, I have provided ten idle animations from the mods Lifelike Idle Animations and Pretty Female Idles to get you started. Please support these mod creators by endorsing their hard work.

You MUST have Dynamic Animation Replacer installed first! Install this mod using your mod manager. Right click and open the mod in explorer. Add your idle animations, renaming each as you go, to the folder containing the script "DynamicRandomFemaleIdles.jar". Once you are done adding your idles, run the DynamicRandomFemaleIdles.jar file by double clicking it (Java required). Once the script has finished, launch your game and enjoy!

Where to find idle animations
  1. 360 Walk and Run Plus, YY Animations - Mystic Knight download (1 file here) 
  2. FNIS Sexy Move SE (3 files here though they came from other sources) 
  3. Pretty Female Idles SSE (32 files here. Many are similar) 
  4. Sexy Idle Animation (5 files here) 
  5. Dragonfly BBP (1 file here) 
  6. Girly Animation (1 file here) 
  7. EstrusForSkyrimSE (2 files here) ADULT 
  8. EVG Conditional Idles (Works with DAR, just install the mod) 
  9. Lifelike Idle Animations (1 file here) 
  10. Opparco TBBP Animation (1 file here) 
  11. Better Vanilla Idles (4 files here)  
  12. YY Anim Replacer – Lovely Shout (2 files here) 
  13. Aesthetic Animation Suites (1 file here) 
  14. Just New Female Animations (1 file here) 
  15. Yogakiin (20 files here. Only if you want to add yoga to your list)  
  16. Cookeh’s Conditional and Random Animations (Works with DAR, just install the mod) 
  17. Flexible Animation and Stance Fix (1 file here) 
  18. Simple Female Idle Replacer (1 file here) 

Many others are available for Skyrim LE. Almost too many to mention. These idles will have to be converted to work with SE, which is an extremely easy process. I use Cathedral Assets Optimizer. Just point to the file, click run and your'e done.

Still Confused?

Thank you to Felisky384 for creating Dynamic Animation Replacer, and Bethesda for creating the never-ending-game!