Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Multiple quests for obtaining the components, ingredients and recipes for mastering the Lightsaber and obtaining force powers. Completely revamped Lightsaber crafting system bringing it more in sync with Skyrim making Lightsabers difficult to craft and obtain. Lightsabers are much more on par with how they would actually be in the world of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits



There are 2 versions available! Please scroll down and read the Mod Requirements section to know which version is right for you!

My mod is a STAND ALONE MOD! You do not need any other Star Wars Mod, Spell Mod, Lightsaber Mod of any sort to feel like a Jedi! Feel free to play with Invasion of Skyrim and Star Wars Redux!

You must start a NEW FRESH GAME if you're loading my mod for the first time or the scripts may not work correctly!

Main version: The default intro start is bugged on this version. You must use an alternate start mod like Realms of Lhorkan or Alternative Start in order to play this version. A messenger will visit you and give you a note that starts the quest for Way of the Force and a 2nd note for Path of the Lightsaber after you have changed locations. Read BOTH notes, follow the objectives and read the appropriate books to start the quests.

Lite version: There is a chest at the Skyforge that contains all of the holocrons and other goodies. The lightsaber recipes are all known by default by the player.


About the Mod and My Objective

Since I was a kid, I’ve loved Star Wars. I’ve enjoyed fun entertaining games from the franchise over the years, but no game has quite given me the experience of “feeling” like I’m a Jedi within the world of Star Wars. My dream has always been to play a game like Skyrim but Star Wars. 

I was inspired May 4th, 2020 by Pande4360 for making and releasing the Star Wars Conversion mod. After seeing his reddit post and following his release, I discovered the other amazing mods that have already been created for Skyrim, like Lord Haun’s Magicka Sabers and opsguy27's Unique Magicka Sabers as well as the Force Powers from the Use the Force or The Way of the Force mods. Even Evittalex's Invasion of Skyrim Star Wars mod had so many fun fantastic adventures! There were so many amazing fun tools at the player’s disposal in order to roleplay a Star Wars experience… all except one! The one thing that was lacking was a solid questline of some sort that would let you, the player, feel like you were actually adventuring, seeking and questing to build your lightsabers and become more and more powerful as a Jedi or Sith. 

This is my first major quest mod I’ve created for Skyrim. I consider this a very big WIP, so please be patient with me! I would like everyone to consistently give me input and let me know your thoughts and opinions. I welcome all feedback that is optimistic and looking to make this quest mod better and more fun for everyone.

If there are any other modders out there, specifically experienced with quests, that would like to help out, then please DM me! I’m open to having anyone join the team that wants to create an amazing nostalgic Star Wars experience we've all been wanting to play for years.

Permissions and Thanks

Special thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way and/or given me permission to use their previous work with my quest mod. Without your original creations, I would not have been able to make what I have made!

  • Acherones
  • Pande4360
  • Evittalex
  • SephDragoon
  • Alduin78
  • Lord Haun
  • Nubyplays
  • Avenger86
  • opsguy27
  • FafnirEtherion
  • thatdrakefella
  • George Lucas
  • Dave Filoni
  • John Williams
  • Samuel Kim
  • Disney
  • dbmacy01
  • Araanim
  • AnthonyPodavin
  • MurdermiesteR
  • Kryptonian
  • aj489
  • Krypt
  • Wapeddell
  • Morgoth
  • Natterforme
  • steelfeathers
  • Kanjs
  • skyrimaguas
  • Carnage2K4
  • crazycrissy
  • Polycypress 


    • Full 7 part quest line taking the player on an adventure to craft different tiers of lightsabers. 
    • Many epic scores from the Star Wars universe in the Music addon optional file! Check it out!
    • The Main version has Star Wars Armors and Blasters in your leveled lists!  A patch is available under the optional files section that will remove both of these!
    • Blasters in game that fire blaster laser shots that can be deflected back at the target with a Lightsaber. Block or attack to do this.
    • Force powers
      • WIP - Force powers can be obtained from The Way of the Force quest line. This will be expanded upon in the future. You can also start the Force Temple questline to obtain advanced force powers.
    • Custom new more INTENSE Lightsaber sound effects!
    • Completely revamped highly in depth Lightsaber crafting system

        • NEW Lightsaber cores
        • Color crystals using precious gems in Skyrim
        • Intended to make lightsabers rare and difficult to craft or obtain. Because of this they are now stronger and more in sync with how a lightsaber should be in the world of Skyrim
        • At the end of the entire quest line the rest of the hilts will be available that are the most advanced lightsabers to craft.
    • Lightsaber Construction
      Hilt Chassis
      • Lightsaber Hilt Fittings
        • Steel ingot
      • Lightsaber Hilt Ingot
        • Dwarven ingot
        • Lightsaber Ingot
        • Moonstone Ingot
      Lightsaber Core
      • Focus Lens
        • Diamond
        • Grand Soul Gem
      • Dwarven Ingot
      • Color Crystal
        • Focus Crystal
          • Glass
          • Lightsaber Ingot
            • Dwarven Ingot
            • Silver Ingot
            • Refined Malachite
            • Corundum Ingot
        • Flawless Gem
          • Black - Ebony and Black Soul Gem
          • Blue - Sapphire
          • Cyan - Emerald and Sapphire
          • Green - Emerald
          • Orange - Garnet
          • Pink - Ruby and Diamond
          • Red - Ruby
          • Violet - Amethyst
          • White - Diamond
          • Yellow - Ruby and Emerald
      • Power Cell
        • Power Cell Casing

            • Lightsaber Ingot
              • Dwarven Ingot
              • Silver Ingot
              • Refined Malachite
              • Corundum Ingot
          • Power Cell Ingot
            • Dwarven Ingot
            • Refined Malachite
        • Power Cell Core
            • Lightsaber Ingot
              • Dwarven Ingot
              • Silver Ingot
              • Refined Malachite
              • Corundum Ingot
          • Power Crystal
            • Void salts
            • Glass

Planned Future Features and Fixes

  • ALL NPC's with fully voiced dialogue.
  • The light side and dark side - WIP - I might branch down an alternate Sith quest line in the future depending on the interest with this quest mod. 
  • Temper recipes that will actually allow the player to break down and recycle old Lightsaber components
  • Create a separate Jedi and Sith robe quest line
  • Eventually tier the Lightsabers so that more advanced higher tier Lightsabers don't cost the same materials as lower ones.
  • All models will be recreated and resized to a realistic size that would make sense for them to fit into a Lightsaber
  • Working on full length reverse Lightsabers
  • Add more storm troopers/droids with blasters
  • I will continue working on The Way of the Force quest. As it stands now The Way of the Force quest only goes up to the point of finding the follower companion HK. That along with the force powers, is all that the previous designers of this mod finished and released.

Highly Recommended

I STRONGLY recommend playing this as a new play through. This quest was designed and is being expanded on the idea that the player starts it as a fresh start in the game. It will take you through many dungeons and areas that may have been altered by a previous play-through which could cause undesirable effects on the quest, water down and maybe even break the experience. While this quest should be started on a new play-through, you may not be able to play it all the way through without branching off and playing other quests and parts of the game and leveling up first.

I play Skyrim VR. I was inspired to do this mod because of my fantasy to feel like Jedi in VR. I'd recommend playing this in VR. 

Mod Requirements
There are 2 versions available: Main and Lite.

This is the main version that I am actively working on and updating. Play this version for the ULTIMATE Jedi experience in order to feel like you are becoming a Jedi! Please make sure you have the required parents below in your load order! 

  • Skyrim
  • Update
  • Dawnguard
  • Hearthfires
  • Dragonborn
  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
  • Path of the Lightsaber

This is the lite version that is also standalone but is without the quests.  This only contains the Lightsabers, Force powers, Jedi/Sith robes and blasters. Read the Lightsabers book under Farengar's bed in Dragonsreach within Whiterun to learn all the recipes.  Your load order should look the same as the Classic version.

Mod compatibility

Always load this mod after other quest, npc or weapon mods so as to make sure nothing is improperly overwritten!!!

Installation and Starting the Quest

Install this with your mod organizer and load after all of the other mods in the requirements. ALWAYS run LOOT and follow the load order suggested. Make sure and follow the compatibility and installation instructions for all of the mod requirements above.

To start the quest, simply change locations and the courier will bring you a message that will start "The Way of The Force" quest. Follow the first few steps of this quest to start "Path of the Lightsaber."

To obtain force powers you may follow the Way of the Force questline and/or the Force Temple questline.